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Jeremy Davis October 21, 2021


I am looking to create an external Customer Satisfaction Survey to send to anyone who reported an issue during the previous quarter.  I can write the JQL to select the relevant issues, but in the Reporter field all I get is their name.  I don't see any columns with their email address in them.

I believe I can copy and paste from the Customers report but that is clunky and would require matching up email addresses with names, etc.

Is there a way to export the Reporter email address directly?

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Jon Karnofsky January 6, 2022

I just discovered a good solution for this, if you use Google Sheets. From https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-Service-Management/Is-there-a-way-to-export-more-than-1000-issues-in-jira/qaq-p/662507, this Google Sheets plugin is referenced:


When you connect and query, there's two great features:

  1. You can not only select the fields, it has access to some related record fields. I was able to select Creator.emailAddress (see below). This was superb as some of my reporters are users, not just portal customers, and this reference got the emails for all of them.
  2. You can also select how many records you want to retrieve. This gets past the issue export limit of 1000 records (this is how I found this post originally).


 Jira Issues Plugin - Google Sheets.png

Karoline Rezende Ramos January 6, 2023

@Jon Karnofsky 

Great, that's great. It helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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chris_green October 4, 2023

This is awesome! Didn't even know it existed, but helps with so many use cases. 

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Thomas Wälti February 28, 2022

The solution proposed by Jon is also available for people using Microsoft Excel, using the free official Excel add-on Jira Cloud for Excel (official) | Atlassian Marketplace

Everything looks and works very similar to the post above. Thanks to all involved, great solution!

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