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Is there a way to export more than 1000 issues in jira?

I'd need to export about 3k issues in jira and I was wondering if there is a way to do that(even in different excel files).

PS: I have jira cloud.


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There is a Solution :)

Its still beta but its worked for me (more than 20K issues), used on Jira Cloud




@Yotam Experitest it is a really nice solution to the problem and it downloads ride away a huge amount of data, I tried with 5K in a couple of seconds. I am wondering if there is an equivalent solution for Microsoft Excel, some companies block the use of Gmail and Google accounts at work.

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@Yotam Experitest . Excellent solution. It really worked & so fast !!

Thanks a lot !!

Not sure about server but if you are on Jira Cloud, Atlassian already added export to excel feature.

1. Go to Issue search/filter

2. Click on Excel icon (you can select Excel desktop or online)

3. Configure Jira for Excel app

Looks like it has same features as Google sheets. You can specify how many issues you want to export.


This solution works when you want to export all fields that the download process takes time and you have time to cancel it before the download process finished. I just need about 5 fields to export, so when I try to follow the steps, I don't actually have time to cancel it before the download finished. Therefore I have to go with the option export all fields, and then to have to spend an additional time deleting the additional columns downloaded. 

@David Leal 


Hi David,

You can Click "Copy link address" for current field option & then append " &pager/start=1000" after pasting it into notepad. Then you copy entire link & paste it on browser. You don't need to download or cancel the download.

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Thanks @Arpit Kabra I realized that it is possible, doing the following:

  1. Click on the icon: "Export this filter to another format"
  2. Select export Excel CSV (current field), i.e. put the cursor over this line
  3. Right click on the mouse
  4. Select: "Open link new window"
  5. A new window from the explorer will pop up, then select the entire URL

this is a way I can download the file with the option of current field and then once I have the URL add: &pager/start=1000 and so on...

By the way, what I just did was to implement a pagination routine strategy in VBA to download all required files. Once all files are downloaded, then using Excel Power Query to consolidate all files in just one big.

Thanks Altassian for giving me the opportunity to spend hours learning VBA to overcome this absurd limitation, :-)



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Developer tricks.  Only a developer would know.

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Although there is a max. runtime for how long an export can run, you should also try Better PDF Exporter to export those issues to a tabular layout like the one below. (The app has been released for Jira Cloud just recently.)


I am sharing the solution I have implemented in VBA for overcoming this problem:

How to Overcome JIRA Record limit for Exporting into Excel File implementing a Pagination Strategy with VBA.

at the end of the post, you can download an excel file that includes the VBA source code.

I hope it helps,


I agree with Trimal, additionally EasyBI is additional cost for us.

Janis Gulbis Marketplace Partner Aug 29, 2018

Nilesh, Trimal,

As Nic already mentioned, the export affects the performance of the system (and thus the whole instance and the server), which is why all export requests are limited to a relatively small set.

I assume that Atlassian has set these limits to prevent performance issues resulting from many export requests. Atlassian is not putting limits to "make" you purchase other tools.

It is still possible to export all issues using the REST:API interface, which enables pagination and thus sequential access to all issues. The REST:API access is available to everyone. REST:API access is controlled, monitored and can be blocked if used improperly. And that applies to all the app Vendors on Atlassian Marketplace as well.

There are more than 60 apps on the Atlassian Marketplace for Cloud if you search for "export". eazyBI is not among "export" applications because it's not its purpose – there are many other apps better suited for this task.

If the sole purpose of exporting all issues is to use an external app for data analysis, I would have to agree with Nic again, it will not work very well. It is time-consuming, error-prone, inconsistent, and leads to many sources of "truth".

eazyBI is just one of many reporting apps available on Marketplace. Its sole purpose is to provide Jira users with a relatively simple, self-service tool for building custom Jira reports which are automatically updated, consistent, and provide a single source of "truth".

Hi Janis, I understand performance part of it, is Atlassian working on performance part for users to allow more than 1k records.


Can you provide reference for REST:API which allows to export all issues, also if you can suggest any cost effective Marketplace components which allows to export data.

Janis Gulbis Marketplace Partner Aug 30, 2018


Unfortunately, I cannot give you a reference for an exact REST:API code (I'm not a developer). 

1) A relatively simple and free workaround is what Alexey Matveev already suggested (You just have to add one pagination parameter to export the next batch of issues):

2) I could not find any free-apps that would let you export all issues at once. For that, you might need a paid app. You could try these:

* Exporter- Export Issues to Excel CSV PDF

* Advanced Export

3) The third alternative is to try to build a simple REST:API CLI app with only one purpose - to download issues. The Jira Cloud REST:API documentation can be found here:

Nope, they've no plans to do anything about the 1000 limit. 

Gregor mentioned the REST API already, which allows for paging through the results.

I have project with issues more than 1000 and need excel to create my own MIS on TAT, pending / resolved issues per team member etc. I think 1000 is very low number if it is related to performance.

Not a clue what "MIS on TAT" might be, but it sounds like it needs to be written properly.  Either build reports for Jira, or get that system to ask better questions than just "dump a huge pile of issue data"

This answer is for server.

Copied from:


Follow the instructions in Advanced JIRA Configuration. For JIRA 6 and above, increase the to your desired row limit and for JIRA 5, you will need to increase both and to the SAME value.

You will need to restart JIRA for your changes to take effect.



Dear all.

I am having a similar situation, my issues has more than 5 thousand issues, however I followed the instructions, but only get 2596 issues, the next export file is 0Kb, please help me.


Link 3K data is 596 issues


Link to 4K data is 0Kb

Either your admin has chosen to botch in 2596 as the limit, or your search only fetches 2596 issues.

Thank you, I have just used the status find feature and filtered the status one by one, the data is enough, maybe I have been blocked by the admin for export.

Thanks Nic, MIS are custom reports created by our reporting team based on data dump for projects. Jira has limited options of reports and any additional reporting needs additional component to be bought. My point here was even from dump view point, 1k looks very small number in today's world, you agree or not.

No, as doing reporting from a dump is the second worst way you can do reporting.  You're probably importing the data into a generalised tool like excel to do this, and I know from bitter experience that the error rate in excel sheets is between 90 and 99% if they've been built by a human rather than code.  When I see a report done in excel, I have no choice but to assume it is wrong.

I agree with Nic from the performance and Error point of view. But this is my data and I should be given options to chose from as long as it is convenient to me. This seems to be a trick to give a push to EazyBI which is not at all user friendly

This is creating problem, they should allow this.

Exporting large numbers of issues is creating a problem (when you go higher, the export affects the performance of the system), and in fact usually indicates a broken process as well. 

You should be looking at why you think you want large exports and fix that.

I have to argue the idea that exporting all of the issues in a large project is somehow a wrong concept.

  • My customer demands it
  • My ISO 9000 certification demands it for auditing purposes
  • I simply want to verify my project after an upgrade or full server migration

There are many reasons to export more than 1000 issues.

JIRA is an issue tracker that can host projects with unlimited numbers of issues. You just can't look at them.

Even the internal Atlassian ticket for this item is issue number 25495.

Requesting the ability to export my database should not be responded to with an answer that implies I've somehow done something wrong.


This is ridiculous.

I'm trying to export my complete data set for my project to enable analysis of request channel which is not currently available in JSM. Their recommended work around is to select all issues where request-channel-type = Jira, then export and create second and third exports request-channel-type = Email, request-channel-type = Portal. 

I have this limited to 120 days and by request-channel-type and all three data sets are over 1000 issues. 

There are reasons outside of a "broken process" and in my case it's with regard to a gap in the JSM service offering. JSM reporting has room to grow, and until all gaps are filled (never) there will always be a need to export large counts of records. 

Thanks everyone I managed to export them with Alexey's workaround.

Legend :D

It is not possible out of the box, but you can try to create a simple application, to export tickets using REST.

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