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Why can't I configure the default board in a JIRA Business project?

I'd like to be able to create custom filters and configure the fields that show for issues etc. on the default board within a JIRA Business Project.  But there is no configuration option.  Is there a way to make this board configurable like custom boards created?  I want the landing board within the project to have customized options and don't want my users to have to go to the boards menu

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Sam Hall Rising Star Nov 15, 2016

Hi Nicole,

Tricky one to answer, but here's my attempt. I hope it is helpful. 

The default board which you are talking about is a "JIRA coreboard" (Atlassian's name). A simplified board offered by Atlassian in their JIRA Core product, aimed at business teams.

There's a bit of background on when/why this was introduced in this blog post. Basically, it was a highly requested feature.

I think it is kind of a compromise from them. They've put simplified, easy to use board functionality in JIRA Core, without giving full board set-up / customisation that's part of their JIRA Software product (which, of course, they charge a bit more money for). I'm afraid I don't know if they are working on improving this.

I think all you can really do (if you really don't like the  "coreboard" (and Cloud instance is JIRA Software/Agile) is change the project type to 'Software'. This will hide the "coreboard" and allow you to create a (configurable) Kanban/Scrum board in its place.

Maybe someone will step in with a better answer.


Ok, that makes more sense.  I appreciate the breakdown.  I wasn't aware that it's a different kind of board entirely.  I think I'll take your suggestion and switch the project type.  If I need to hide some of the software functionality, it's probably worth it!  Thanks very much Sam!

Glad to help. Once you convert to 'Software' project, you should see a "Create board" link up near the project name:


If you use this method, it puts a link to the board at the top of the list. Saves users having to use the 'Boards' menu:


Hope this works for you.


If you switch the project from Business to Software, what happens to some of the required features of business processes like Approvals?

This function is rather frustrating, especially when your default Board does not even work and you need to create custom ones in the sidebar (

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 1.20.09 pm.png

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I might be wrong here because business projects is a feature we don't use much in our company but as far as i know there is no such thing as a "default board" for business projects. They are just shown in a project view without creating a board.

But as I said, not an expert on the matter so correct me if i'm wrong.

There is a default board.  It is the second option in the left-side panel (main project nav), just below Summary. This is the most crucial part of the project as it is where we manage the workflow for all tasks

Ah you mean the Issue view. AFAIK that's not a board but just a standard view for every project, you should be able to edit the filter there but nothing else.

The Issues view is below the Board in the left-side main nav.  Using JIRA Agile, I am able to fully configure the default project board and create custom filters for the board etc.  I don't have any of that functionality with this board.  I'm limited to being able to move the workflow columns and use the 2 filters provided (assigned to me, due this week)

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And apparently, even using the search feature on the board, it doesn't filter on components or labels.  Completely useless.

Agreed, the board in business projects is nearly useless.

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Deleted user Sep 29, 2017

+1 on the Business Projects being nearly useless. It's frustrating not being able to even configure what displays on the cards on the board.  

I hope they are working on this.

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Yikes, a Business Project is a nearly worthless object for me. I intended to setup a simple jira core project (from within my jira software product) only to discover that I can't do a thing to its board (display of the columns, display of the card, etc). Even the subtasks do not display on the board (only its parent) so to operate on the subtask, you navigate to the full screen issue view to then move it forward or backward. Is this for real??? I'm going to have to setup this particular communications/marketing team up with a completely new, totally customized jira software project and try to eliminate all of the SDLC noise we use in IT. Good grief.

A great enhancement would be to add the default board and links to related boards on a Business project that you see in a Software project.

Apart from that, it looks as though the Business projects are going to work for our non-programming work.

You can build a query-based board just as you would for a software project, and distribute the board URL to users. I'm piloting a simple task management board based on a query for currentUser so that I can use one jira project to provide a task management tool across our institution. I'm going to have to *train* users to use the Boards link to get back to our preferred default view. I anticipate a lot of confusion at first that could be avoided with the enhancement proposed above. However, the default view is not terrible. It does have sensible filters built in.

Personally, I think the best enhancement here would be to allow a project's default board to be specified.  Jira could create a "core board" and specify it by default.  This just seems like a simple fix - I guess the weeds are where we'd know for sure.

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And at least as of today, I can't switch from Business project back to Software without having to create a whole new project and bulk move my tickets.

When I try to edit my project, the project type is greyed out with an info icon that says "To change project type, create a new project and bulk move your issues into it." Links to this article:

Painful, Jira, considering I just want to "release" items in my completed lane, and stop displaying the canceled lane.

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