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How to keep few sub-tasks names same (of our choice) under a parent task?


I want to keep few sub-tasks names same under a parent-task. Not same as parent task, but different title than parent task. Also, not all sub-tasks should have same exact title.


I have ScriptRunner Server version. I am using JIRA 8.5.1 Server version.

I am a newbie in coding. Hence, I would need query which I can run using ScriptRunner console or wherever in JIRA.

Example: A parent task has 50 sub-tasks. Out of these 50 sub-tasks, the query should allow me to mention comma separated IDs of sub-tasks for which I want to keep title as "Test-123".

The query should only impact title of the sub-tasks mentioned in the query and rest sub-tasks titles should be intact.

How can I achieve this?




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I am not sure what you are trying to do here.

Sub-tasks have a single parent issue, they are a part of that one issue.  It's nonsense to pretend that they are a part of two separate issues.  So there's no logical way to do what you describe.

Hi @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ All I want is few of the sub-tasks to have same titles (not necessarily same as parent one). I am not saying sub-tasks are part of two separate issues (or parent tasks).

As mentioned in my example, the parent task will be same, but in that parent task, I want several sub-tasks having same title. I hope this clarifies.



Thank you for clarifying that, but you have lead me to needing another one.

Are you asking about how you might use Scriptrunner to create sub-tasks (with the same summary), or how to use JQL to find them?

If it's a scripted create, I base all of mine on the script at

If it's "how do I search", we're going to need a more detailed explanation of what you want to search for.

Thank you @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ 

It is not scripted create. Assume that the parent task already has so many sub-tasks created. Now, among those sub-tasks, I want several sub-tasks to have same title. 

So, I want know how can I use ScriptRunner to have these sub-tasks having same title (remember, not all sub-tasks under that parent task, but only the selected IDs that I might type in query)



I am sorry, but that does not help.  You've said "I don't want to create new sub-tasks" and then on the next line said "I want to create sub-tasks with the same summary as existing ones".

Could you explain what you are actually trying to do here?  What, physically should happen if you run a script to do something?

Hi @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ 

As I mentioned in above comment, "Assume that the parent task already has so many sub-tasks created." Now, among those sub-tasks, I want several sub-tasks to have same title. 

Physically when I run the query, the sub-task IDs that I would mention in query should get new title/summary as I would mention in query. But not all sub-tasks under that parent task. E.g. A parent task has 50 Sub-tasks say ABC-2 to ABC-51. Parent task ID is ABC-1. Now, by default the sub-tasks ABC-2 to ABC-51 will have same title/summary as ABC-1. Consider I want to rename sub-tasks ABC-11 to ABC-26 to have a different title/summary through query than the default parent task title/summary which other sub-tasks have. The query will not rename other sub-tasks title/summary which are not mentioned in the query.

I hope this clarifies further.



Queries are for finding issues, they do not edit them.

Given that fact, could you explain what you are looking to do?

Thanks @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ ,

I remember ScriptRunner did give me a query (which I regularly use) that can rename (change title/summary) all sub-tasks under a parent task. But that is all sub-tasks, not only selected few sub-tasks under a parent task.

I was trying to eliminate manually changing several sub-tasks names (summary/title) under a parent task. And this I have to do multiple times in a week. Fact is we have so many parent tasks for which I have to rename their respective sub-tasks title/summary and it is a repetitive process.

Since, SriptRunner gave me a query earlier which could rename/change title/ summary of all sub-tasks under a parent task, I thought there can be a query to rename few sub-tasks of choice under a parent task by keeping other sub-tasks title/summary unchanged.



I'm afraid your memory is faulty.  Scriptrunner has never had a function to edit issues during running a query.  Because Jira does not.

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