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Introducing Confluence Cloud for Microsoft Teams (Available for Preview!)

Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 1.09.09 PM.png

Hi Atlassian Community,

Remote work has shifted how teams collaborate, and we’ve heard from many of you that Microsoft Teams has become mission critical to many of your workflows, from how you chat to how you run meetings.

Today I’m excited to share that we’ve been working on a brand new Confluence Cloud for Microsoft Teams application to make your favorite documentation tool accessible from your organization's collaboration hub.

This app contains enhanced features to build, share, and collaborate on Confluence pages from Teams. The early access program is available now, with the product demo + installation instructions available via this Atlassian community group.

Search and share Confluence pages in Teams

Using this application, users can search for and share Confluence pages in messages to enrich conversations and move work forward.


Create Confluence pages during meetings

As chat messages evolve into meetings, users can create Confluence pages and take notes together, creating meeting documentation and generating team alignment without leaving Microsoft Teams.


Quickly find Confluence pages after team meetings

Pages created during meetings get automatically shared with participants afterwards, making meeting outcomes easily accessible even after the meeting.


We’re currently recruiting users to try out this new app! If you’re interested, please sign up for the early access program here.

What to expect next

After you add yourself to the waitlist, we’ll be in touch so you can get the application deployed to your organization (note: since certain permissions are required to install the early version of this application, we will be prioritizing admins to work with early on).


How does this app relate to the Confluence Cloud for Microsoft Teams application on the marketplace?

The new application has a focus on an in-meeting experience but does bring back the top features from the previous application with better speed and user experience. Over time, we will be building towards value parity with the existing application.


This is looking like a cool addition!! ✨ 👏 

so many organisations are using Ms Teams by default due to their MS subscriptions so it’s great to see the direction Atlassian is going in to continue stimulating team work

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This is great news and I cant wait to see all our knowledge used in MS Teams, even perhaps with Microsoft Search maybe>?

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@Dale Howard what do you mean by Microsoft Search?

Really excited to see this functionality, thank you!

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@Andy - PTC Redundant Yes, definitely! And our goal is to make the Atlassian experience accessible where teams are working. Looking forward to it!

Esther Strom Community Leader Mar 16, 2021

I'm definitely signing up, but how does this work with multiple instances? Does the user get to choose which instance to search/create pages in, or can only one instance be linked to a given meeting or chat message?

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Hey @Esther Strom

The application will allow users to choose the instance to search for pages and publish pages to. Hope that answers your question!

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Fadoua Community Leader Mar 16, 2021

Cool, we use Teams but we are DataCenter users.

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Does this integration allow for document sharing (word, excel) from Teams to Confluence or vice-versa ? Currently, with the Microsoft environment, which Teams is part of, allow for a document to be saved in SharePoint or a document uploaded to SharePoint accessible via Files in Teams. Is there something similar to that available via this integration ?

Hi @Kushal Amin

Are you referring to the ability to "pin" a Confluence page to a Microsoft Teams tab and making it accessible to the team? If so, that feature isn't available right now but we're actively doing research around it to see how we can make that happen. Could you tell me more about your use case?

fantastic integration, will be nice to promote it more across the business to help support Stakeholder engagement. 

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That's really a good news ! This will be amazing integration with MS Teams product.

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@George Adams @Maunil Mehta @Noushin Consulting Ltd + everyone else,

I'm excited to share that the early access program is available now, with the product demo + installation instructions available via this Atlassian community group. Feel free to join the group, take the app for a spin, and let us know your feedback in the group! Cheers.

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Hello, will this work with cross companies domains? For example can company A work with company B in the same project? Or will this be similar to Jira where you can only add people to your project under the same company domain? Thanks~

Hi @Ming Huang

As of now, Microsoft meeting applications only works for people in the same Teams tenant. Assuming that you want to take collaborative notes with someone from a different company, I would recommend the following:

  • Created a Confluence instance that company A and company B have access to. You can store your notes here.
  • Create guest accounts for people whom you work with in company B under your Microsoft Teams tenant

This way, you'll be able to take collaborative notes from Teams and store them into a Confluence instance that people from company A + B have access to. If you'd like, feel free to join our discussion group!  I would love to hear more about your use case!

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Hi @Catherine Chang , thanks for your warm welcome message and your info on the Confluence-Teams integration.  I am however having issue installing on my Teams App.  I have tried to follow the steps indicated, perhaps I am undertaking the process wrongly.  Any help/guidance will be deeply appreciated.

fantastic rollout and the wealth of info on the Atlanssan Community page.

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@George Adams , I left a few comments on the post you'd created on the feedback group. Installation can get tricky, but we're here to help!

@Noushin Consulting Ltd that's wonderful to hear! If you haven't already, please join our community group to provide us with product feedback. We'll also be using that same group to post any updates (including new features laugh) to our app. 

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This seems to have introduced a new (admin) permission in all our Spaces, regardless if we use Microsoft Teams or not...

This is very confusing, and concerns us, how much is already shared with MS Teams at this point, when we haven't set up integration with it?Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 11.47.12.png

AlexC Atlassian Team Jun 17, 2021

Hello @Finke Lamein 

Sorry for the confusion with the Microsoft Teams for Confluence Cloud entry you pointed out.  The app itself has not been released yet, and before we do release it, we will provide the option for Confluence Cloud admins to disable the app altogether.  This will not remove it from the list, but by disabling it, its features and access will not be available to the Microsoft Teams for Confluence Cloud app.

Shannon S Atlassian Team Aug 31, 2021

Hi @Finke Lamein,

I am following up now because I logged a feature request below for the same. If anyone else is confused by this permission showing up on your site without having the app enabled, please vote on the following ticket: 

  • CONFCLOUD-72700 Add Microsoft Teams for Confluence Cloud admin permission only when Teams app is enabled

Thank you for mentioning this on Community!

Take care,


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Hello there, thank you this is a very useful feature!

I think I'm running into a bug though... I'm trying to pull a Confluence report into MS Teams but it's not loading the data of my table, only the table headings. I've raised the issue here: 

Any suggestions on how to fix it? 



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