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how can i track the percentage of completion of an epic in Jira next gen?


I would like to know if there's an add-on or else that can help me to track the percentage of completion of an epic (I don't mind about stories and sub tasks).

I would like to manage the progresses of epics and transfer it to excel automatically while keep tracking and working on my project in Jira next gen.

hope you can help me, thank you

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How are you measuring "completion"?

Well, I actually don't know yet. I was thinking I could create a ratio based on story points estimate but it's not a real solution since it is a "weight" not a measure of time.

Another thing i thought was creating a simple ratio based on start and finish date [(today-start date)/(finish date- start date)] but in this case i would make a strong assumption stating the same amount of work performed each day.

In this sense, I would like your suggestion.

Thank you

Eoin Atlassian Team Jul 14, 2019

@Luca Orciuolo we've introduced a progress bar in the issue view over the Child issues panel. This is currently using issue count only, and we are investigating making this a toggle for story points estimation as well.


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There are a couple of ways to track "progress", but it very much depends on your processes and what you really think it is.

Your idea about start and end date is quite good, as it's measuring elapsed time

The most simple measure is the number of open and "done" stories in the Epic, but this takes no account of size

Story points, while not really a measure of time (as you say, it's more about "weight") is still quite a good way to do it, as it gives you a good idea of relativity

A very good one is estimates and work-logs (usually done at a sub-task level if you're being a bit scrum-like)

@Eoin is there a ticket I can watch for the toggle for story point estimation and % done?

Eoin Atlassian Team Mar 18, 2020

@Dan I don't believe anyone has raised a feature request specifically on this yet, however we do have a lot of interest for a summary field at the parent level.

We have just recently rolled out displaying the story point estimation badges on the child issue cards in the issue view. Have you found this useful?

@Eoinis this new "progress" you show in the bar something than can be used, for example, when I insert a jira query in Confluence?

I am trying to show a table or chart wit current epics, their name and level of completion or something similar.

Thanks mr Ryan, but I think that's not exactly what I need.

I would like to record the % of epic progresses as the project goes on.

Maybe there's an add-on that fits my needs.



Eoin Atlassian Team Jul 15, 2019

We will be looking to include an epic burndown chart in next-gen in the longer term.

In the meantime there is an Atlassian built integration for Jira and Google Sheets that may help in the short term... 

Hi All - I am keen on surfacing the % complete in the EPIC in the google sheets using the jira_cloud_for_sheets.  Can you guys let me know what field this is and how I can show it in my google sheet?


Image 19-11-19 at 3.37 pm.jpg

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@Eoin I'm also looking for the field that I would pull into a Google Sheet from the Sheets for Jira integration. What field matches the "Issues in this epic" Progress Bar %?

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I'm also looking for the field that matches the issues in this epic progress bar %. 

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@Eoin I'm also looking for this field.

% Done based on the % of stories DONE within the EPIC will do just fine, even though as mentioned it doesn't account for varying story size. I want to use it in a Dashboard as well as in exported reports. I don't think I should have to buy something like Epic Sum Up (great though it is) to access this fundamental a data point about the burn down of work in Epics - surely a fundamental of your platform?

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@eion I am surprised that after 2 years this feature is still not prioritized...... point everyone trying to get through to you guys is that this is something basic and crucial for Project health reporting.

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It is 2022 and I am also/still looking for the field that matches the issues in this epic progress bar %. This is frustrating. If this information is being calculated on Epic to Epic level, there should be a way to view a holistic picture of all the Epics and their progress for a project. However, I haven't found a solution for this.

Please let me know if you can find a solution for this.

The problem here is that there are (still) many varying definitions of "progress".  You need a clear definition of something before you can measure it.

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ ,

For a start, it can be the 'standard' definition of "progress", that is being used by Jira itself to calculate the bar on individual EPIC level.
progress bar epic.png
I am just looking for a view, or a way to be able to see all the Epic's listed and a progress bar next to them much like the following, with a bit more details (with respective to time estimates maybe)progress bar epic2.png

I know you can view something similar on Jira Roadmaps, but for that:
1. You have to hover over the bar for all Epics to see where they are at.

2. It is not possible to extract this information from Jira, and use it to generate custom visual indicators of progress. I have been trying to find a field on Epic screen that might store this value already, but there isn't one.

Let me know if you have any suggestions please. 


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