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You asked for it, so we delivered: images on issues have arrived

A picture tells a thousand words. And agility boards have just released their latest feature: cover images on issues – so now your board can tell a story at first glance.


Upload attachments to issues quickly and easily by opening an issue and clicking Add attachment. A cover image will display on your board when the issue is closed.


Choose your favorite image to display on your board

By default, the first attachment you add to an issue will display as the issue's cover image. You can choose a different one by opening the issue, hovering on an attachment, and clicking Show on card.


Edit this, annotate that

This new feature uses Atlassian's media editor, which means you can edit images after they've been attached, and add annotations, too.




Hide the cover image or turn off the feature

If, for example, you find yourself getting distracted by glorious images of cakes on your board, you can hide them:


Or switch off the feature completely via the board's settings:


And that's not all...

This new feature is just one of many still to come for agility projects.

Stay up-to-date here with other features as they're released, and let us know what else you'd love to see by hitting Give feedback in your project's sidebar.


miikhy Rising Star Jul 17, 2018

Great new feature!

Is this the outcome of buying Trello? Seems like Atlassian started rebuilding Trello in Jira Software.

This is supper cool !

I am user of JIRA Cloud, but I dont see this option when I upload an image. I can't also find it in Board Settings. Is this feature already enrolled to all clients, or it is still in process? or maybe I am missing something.

ah, i got it, currently it is only for "Agility" projects. Do you plan to release this for all the project types in JIRA? :) 

Martin Varga Atlassian Team Jul 31, 2018

@Kamen Kanev Well, it depends how you look at it. If you are thinking about turning on the feature in other project, then no. However the new projects created from the new template should get most of the features of the other projects - there's already backlog, sprints, custom issue types. Many other features are on the drawing board. What do you miss? 

Take a look at this article to see what's coming soon!

Martin Varga Atlassian Team Jul 31, 2018

@P_D_ Foerster It's not a result of buying Trello. But Trello has good features that users expect from Jira as well. Also you can import your board from Trello to Jira and one of the things that were not possible to keep before were the images on cards. 

Like Olivia Ng likes this

@Martin Varga: thanks for letting us know! I hope this feature will come to us server customers eventually ;)

looking forward to integrating this into our work

@MaryP When you integrate it and if you don't mind sharing a screenshot, please do! We are always interested in seeing how our customers use our products!

Is this already available in Kanban projects / Jira Cloud? Can't find it in our instance.

Martin Varga Atlassian Team Aug 06, 2018

@Daniel Polistchuck No, the classic Kanban and Scrum projects are not getting this feature... Only the independent projects (currently just Agility template) can use it. Which features are Agility projects missing that would prevent you from migrating to it? We know there's still work to do, and we like our users to tell us what to focus on!

@Martin Varga How hard is it to convert a Kanban project to an Agility project and what functionality would we loose in doing so, we like this feature as it could add a lot to the solution and visibility of the work. 

Also, why not go ahead and add this feature to Kanban and Scrum project types?

Which release of Jira Server will this be available in?

I'm showing there are inconsistencies in creating an attached image as a card cover for a Trello Card. 

I can't tell what limitations or criteria there are for uploading certain types of images to create a cover card. As shown in my screen shot below, the attachments are all jpeg images, but 2 out of the 3 have the ability "Make Cover" task link shown. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Trello Card Cover Trouble.JPG

Martin Varga Atlassian Team Aug 08, 2018

@Aaron Jestrab Converting the project is basically moving the issues from one project to another. The move will allow you to map issue types etc. But if you have an existing Kanban, maybe first try a new Agility project to see if it suits you.

As to why we haven't added this is the classic projects: The new Agility projects have one big advantage over the classic ones - any user can create them (it used to be only admin). This is a fundamental change and allowed us to do a lot of cool stuff that wasn't possible before. And it's also one of the reasons some changes can only go to the new project. This is not a complete answer, but hopefully it gives some insight...

Martin Varga Atlassian Team Aug 08, 2018

@Greg Johnson Unfortunately I do not have an answer for that. 

Martin Varga Atlassian Team Aug 08, 2018

@Miki Sankary If that was an Agility board, I might have an idea, but not sure about Trello ;) Maybe try next door at the Trello community.

Hi, this sounds interesting - but I have a major blocking issue in mind:

When migrating the issues to a new Agility Projects all IDs of the issues would be recreated, wouldn't they? This would be a show stopper for us, because we refer to IDs in reports and documentation which is maintained outside of Jira.

Am I missing something or are there workarounds to overcome this?

Martin Varga Atlassian Team Aug 09, 2018

@Anna Henke That's a valid concern - and you are correct. The issue keys can end up different. How would you need this to work? Would you need the same key-number? Or just the number? This is probably not the best place to discuss this - may I suggest opening a question (the 'Create' button on the top of the page)? I will then get someone to answer it. 

Or use this link where you can book time to speak to the team behind the boards. We would definitely want to hear from customers who want to migrate to Agility projects but are blocked to do so!

@Martin VargaWe haven't moved over to Agility.  We are currently using the standard upload of images which has been a great asset to communicating those issues which are better seen than described.2018-08-15_8-48-06.jpg

@Martin Varga I'd love to see this on Kanban boards and am not sure that Agility projects support the functionality needed for a software project yet; is there any way to manage versions in Agility projects? If not, how do others typically work around this? Thanks!

patrickt010 Atlassian Team Aug 15, 2018

@Kevin Jones You cannot currently manage versions in agility projects similar to how you can do it within Scrum or Kanban projects. However, you might be able to use labels and then filter to just include issues that include that label. Let us know if this meets the needs of your team. 


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