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Feature Announcement: User-based Swimlanes for Next-gen

Hey all you cool cats and kittens,

My name is Bryan Lim and I'm a Product Manager working on Jira Software Next-gen. I hope everyone is staying safe from coronavirus. 

We've listened to your feedback, and I'm pleased to announce that we shipped a new feature we call user-based swimlanes. User-based swimlanes allows everyone on the team to personalize their view of the board.

We're opening up swimlane configuration so that each member of the team can view their work on the board in the way that's most useful to them - whether that's by grouping issues by assignee, by epic, or by subtasks.

How to use user-based swimlanes

Simply navigate to the "GROUP BY" menu in the upper right of your board and click the dropdown menu to select the grouping of your choice:


Feel free to voice your feedback for this feature (or your feedback for Next-gen, in general) on this thread. Check out our public roadmap for what's coming next:

Best regards,

P.S. Joe Exotic did not approve this message


We use customised swimlanes on our board so this is currently a blocker for us moving to NextGen projects.

Workstream looks like it might be doing the same thing in a different way.  How are workstreams defined?

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Hey there !

Will it also be possible to define custom status along with these user-based swimlanes ?

blim Atlassian Team Apr 28, 2020

@Simon Stannard Epic was renamed to "Workstream" in this example.

@Louis Rubet Right now we only allow you to group by Epic, Assignee, Subtask.

We're looking into enabling JQL on Next-gen boards to allow users to group by custom status, etc. If you guys had this, which statuses (or other fields?) would you want to group by?

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@blim We currently use a custom field 'Planned for Release' to define swimlanes.  This allows us to group several epics together and/or potentially work on an epic over a number of releases.

@blim I have a couple of boards set up to view the status of Epics across projects and use swimlanes to group by project

What I would need is a Squad custom field I would group the swimlanes by. We have a smaller dev team called "Squad" which pulls the tickets and then the squad is responsible for the delivery. We now solved it by using Labels, but I'd love to see swimlanes by custom field.

Any chance of seeing swimlanes implemented on the roadmap? We’d like to be able to group epics according to either functional effort or organisational initiative so we can perform parallel effort planning a little better than just assigning a colour to a type of task and hoping for the best.

I'd want to be able to group by any custom field.  For example,

  1. data center
  2. team name
  3. scheduled date
    to create a swimlane for near-term and not near-term based on date boundaries defined within the JQL
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Group by feature is very helpful.! Thank you.

Will group by custom queries,  also be an option available to all users ?

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blim Atlassian Team Jun 22, 2020

@Ramkrishna_Kumar JQL boards are on our roadmap. If you had that feature today, what would you like to group by?

@blim I would like to add group by version, region. 

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We use  priority and due date to highlight stories or tasks that requires immediate attention

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We would like to group by Label (did that in Jira Classic); defining swimlanes based on JQL would be great.

Linking to a related question here:


I also have a next-gen board setup to track client launches, and would like to be able to filter by any custom fields that I've defined on my cards:

  • client tier
  • launch date (i.e. show only those launching in the next month)
  • project type
  • pod (i.e. vertical)
  • other people fields (i.e. if I have a custom field that designates the account manager for a particular client, I would like to be able to filter for all cards where that account manager is assigned)

While a solution involving a custom JQL query would be fine for me - I need this to be easily accessible by others in my company who wouldn't know where to start writing a JQL query.

As such, does the upcoming feature release include ways to save preset filters that I can setup, or an easy way for others to search by any custom field and filter with it?

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@blim group by User is a good start - but like many people in the above comments JQL or workstream would offer my teams the value they need.

Do you guys have an idea on when that will be available please? This will help me manage expectations :)

We are looking to move over to Next Gen to benefit from some of its other features. But we would lose swimlaning - if its for a few months that's acceptable I think. 



I think it is too restrictive to prescribe what we can group by.  Customizing swimlanes is key.

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Thanks for the new feature. I also think it is a bit restrictive though. For example, grouping by priority would be super useful too. Hope that comes soon:

How about Priority? 

Would like to be able to add swimlanes by various things such as a specific product/ custom field.  Wish you had the configuration features for the active sprint board view as are in the Classic project.

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+100 to open the swimlanes to more fields

Is it possible to group by Reporter?

I would also really like to be able to group this by label.

Can we get swimlanes based on JQL queries?

blim Atlassian Team Jun 29, 2021

@Carlos Hernandez et. al., Yes, JQL-backed boards are definitely where we're headed. We've split out a team to concentrate on delivering this. For transparency, there's some major technical challenges so this will take awhile, but JQL-backed boards is our north star goal.

Let me know if you have any further questions/feature requests.


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