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Bulk Edit transition does not set status even though flow is Open to Complete

We noticed with using the the bulk edit and transition issues button, the status of the issue doesd not change from Open to Complete as in the workflow.

Does bulk edit transition follow the project workflow?

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Bulk edit never does anything to an issue that could not be done by a normal edit or transistion.

In other words, bulk edit "follows the project workflow". If it does unexpected things, then you'll find you can do the same in a single issue update.

You'll need to look at what it's doing in detail to work out why it does something "unexpected". start by trying to do the same to a single issue.

We left off the comment required checkbox that workflow requires. In bulk edit it ignores it but puts the issue in a state where we cannot change Resolution.

Now the records are in a status where we cannot get the Workflow button to appear

an bulk edit does not have the Reject Transition

Workflow does not require a comment, so I don't know where you're getting that from (plugin? which doesn't work for bulk edit?)

"Issue in state where we can't change resolution" implies you've not configured your workflow to allow resolution change. So check your workflow

"Records are in a status". I assume you mean "issues" and there are no workflow options - again, read your workflow. What transitions are there out of the status? What are the conditions on them?

Its a custom field we call Required Comment. JIRA Custom Fields extensions plugin.

I bulk edit if you do not select the box for the Require Comment custom field. The workflow change to Resolution field is ignored and we lose the buttons in the custom screen to Reject again or to Bul Edit Reject again

The Issues are in a state where the changes are ignored( workflow status change)

and we lose functionality fo the record.


Sorry, I missed your comment earlier.

Which "Jira custom fields extensions" plugin do you mean? I don't understand what you mean by "require comment field" - is this a custom field (if so, what type is it?) or a validator or option you've implemented somehow?

I can't really work out the rest of the problem until I understand that, as it feeds into what happens in bulk-edit.

Yes its is a custom field: JIRA Custom Fields extensions plugin. Not validator

Again, which Jira custom fields extensions is it? I can't begin to help you with the problem until I know

a) What plugin you are using

b) How you are using it (ok, it's not a validator. Please don't ask me to guess which of the other 7926 ways you might have configured this)

Nic i did not mention a plugin until you asked what plugins are being used on JIRA. There are 2 plugins installed by INNOVALOG. JIRA Misc Custom Fields & JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions. I only brought it up because you asked what is being used.

2. We created the custom field called REQUIRED COMMENT. If we leave the checkbox unchecked during a bulk edit it leaves the workflow broken

a. Jira Misc Custom Fields & Workflows 1.5.5 Innovalog

b. Required Comment is a Free Text Filed custom field( Bulk edit when not checked ignores it an puts the issue in a non editable status)

User cannot update an issue unless Required Comment is filled.

Ok. So...

What has "Jira misc custom fields" got to do with this? If you've created a "free text field", then that's nothing to do with that plugin.

I still don't know what you mean with the "& workflows" part either.

Um, no, you started talking about plugins when I asked you how "require comment" had been implemented because Jira doesn't do it natively.

So, going back, what you're telling us is that:

  • You have a simple plain text field called "require comment". Not provided by a plugin.
  • I think you're saying you have not placed any validators on the workflow
  • There's some check box which, if unchecked during bulk edit, "breaks the workflow". I'm not 100% of what the "break" is either - do you mean the bulk-edit quietly fails for the issues where it is unset or that you cannot transition the issue afterwards?

Again, we need to know what this check box is, and what is providing it.

Yes. There's some check box which, if unchecked during bulk edit, "breaks the workflow". THE WORKFLOW DOES NOT COMPLETE.

The bulk edit is a JIRA option:

I'm afraid "there's some button that breaks it" does not tell us what is happening.

I know this is taking a while, but I simply cannot work out what you are doing from what you are posting.

Could you talk through the exact steps you are doing when it "breaks"? Do NOT post blocks of html or locations (as they're impossible to follow or be sure what you're doing because it's often generated and varies between installations), just tell us what you're clicking/entering. Do not interpret or paraphrase, use the exact English Jira presents to you. Explain phrases like "the workflow does not complete" (this does not make a lot of sense because you're performing a bulk transition, not a whole workflow, you have not explained what "complete" means in this context)

1. Got to Issue Navigator All Issues for a project

2. Select CURRENT PAGE from Gear

3. Select at least one issue

4. Select Next

5. Select Tranisition Issues under Chose Operation and NEXT

6. Select Modify Issue and NEXT

You will see a bunch of boxes to check. If you have custom fields they will show up

Ahh, I see, thank you!

Those boxes are there to ask you what field(s) you wish to change during the transition. If you leave them blank, then you're saying "do not change the data in this field". If you tick them, then you need to give it the data to change the field to.

If, by "the workflow does not complete", you are saying that the transition fails and the issues do not change status, then something has gone wrong during the transition - the most likely explanation for this is that you have a validator on the transition that is failing for some reason. You'll need to track this down and find out why. An easy way to do this is to pick an issue that fails during bulk edit and see what happens when you try it in the workflow in the UI - any well behaved validator will tell you why it's refusing to continue.

There are no validators in the column. Only the custom field Required COmment and the the workflow should change status to Completed. In this case the status does not change and we lose the workflow button(Greyed out)

Columns? What columns? Forget Agile and the Issue Navigator, please, just look at the issue in the standard plain issue view.

"only the field and the workflow should change status to completed" - this makes no sense at all. Fields do not change status. Workflows themselves do not have a status, they enable an *issue* to change status. ONLY issues change status.

What do you get when you try to change the status in the *standard* issue? With and without changing the data?

1. I am looking at the Validator column Transition view.

2. The workflow changes the issue status.

3. The bulk edit should change the custom field with the comment added or prompt for it

4. We cannot change the status from standard issue view. The fields are uneditable for status.

1. Sorry, still lost. What's a "validator column transition view"?

2. Yes, glad that's clear now

3. Now, I need to ask for more clarification here. You've mentioned that the custom field you are talking about is called "Required comment", and now mentioned "comment". Are we talking about "required comment" or the standard system "comment"?

Bulk edit should change a custom field, IF you have chosen to put new data in for that field. You will NOT be prompted for this, it's up to you to put new data in a custom field if you need to.

If you're talking about the system comment, then you are asked for a comment.

4. Right, that's the answer. Bulk edit will not let you perform a transition that you can't do in the issue view. It's blocking you because you don't have the right conditions (or even transition) to do the change of status.

1. If you go to the edit workflow page under Transition view their are tabs for ALL or Validatiion. There is nothing in the column for validators.

3. Only Required Comment

4. Bulk edit does not block. It continues without any box checked and does not honor the workflow rules

1 & 3 - ok, thanks.

4. That's correct behaviour. You cannot perform the transition in the UI. Therefore, bulk edit can not do it.

It lets you go through the bulk edit UI because you may have other issues that can go through, but it will skip issues that it cannot transition. In other words, it is honouring the workflow rules - you've set the workflow to prevent this transition, so bulk edit won't do it.

If you need to do this transition, then forget bulk-edit for now - make it work from the issue view. Then bulk edit will be able to do it as well.

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