The Community's Advent Calendar 2018


Hello everybody, it's the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. A time for baking cookies (and giving your admin some of them), peace on Earth, decorate almost everything, listen to "Last Christmas" in an endless loop. A time for hunting christmas gifts in crowded cities, drinking "Glühwein" at Christmas markets, but also spending time with friends and family. 

This year's advent calendar is looking back to a lot of fun we had here in the Community. Every day, a new calendar door will open, leading to some funny Community posts. So, stay tuned and come back daily. And don't forget: You can still add comments to the various topics you'll find behind the calendar doors (or here of course). Seize the opportunity and take part in the funny side of Community!

If you missed last year's calendar - it is still available:

Have a jolly Advent time!



In February, @Daniel Eads introduced Confluence Abstract Art. Everyone's an artist, so are you.


Create your new Avatar based on your Confluence System Info page! What? You don't know how to transform your data into an avatar? Look at Daniel's post and some great avatar recommendations including cats, robots and flowy hair! We want to see your avatar! Now!

10 days left...




Another beautiful place might be your working place. We already saw pictures of your desk, but in August, @Erica Moss asked for pictures of the view outside your window



You can find a lot of things behind your windows, from skyscrapers to beautiful parks, from clouds to parking lots, babies looking through the roof window and even X-Files... What?? X-Files? I told you already, the truth is out there...

Look at the others windows and don't forget to post your own view!

11 days left...



Have you planned your next year's vacation yet? What do you think of spending some days in April in Las Vegas - you can meet lots of us Community people there at Atlassian Summit.

Unconvinced? Need more ideas? Then look at the travel recommendations by travel agency @Monique van den Berg and Friends.



Read more about the most beautiful places in the world proposed by @Nicholas Muldoon@Erica Moss@Bianca Encinas@Nic Brough [Adaptavist]@Ana Retamal Ortiz@Jodi LeBlanc@David Hanna and @Thomas Schlegel.

What's your most beautiful place in the world? Tell us where you will travel to after we met in Las Vegas.  

12 days left...




It takes eleven people on the 11th of December to build a soccer team.

Of course, this year, soccer has been a topic for Friday Fun. In May, @Omar Herrera asked for funny pictures and stories about our favourite teams. 



Read about the relationship between World Cup Finals and themeparks, see beautiful orange crowns, the opposite of messy and a world cup quiz.

How did you spend these crazy World Cup days in summer 2018? In Germany, we didn't have so much fun this year. How about you? Tell us more!

13 days left...




Sing Sing Sing Sing - Everybody starts to sing...


 What is your song? The one, that is played when you enter the boxing ring, the one that is played when you walk down the show stairway. Or when you enter the room, in case you don't like the big stage. @Meg Holbrook asked and received some interesting answers

Guess who chose Queen, David Bowie, Jack White, Survivor or Destiny's Child - and we are still waiting for your song, the song that you sing while dancing around the Christmas tree.

14 days left...




(This number is just for you, @Jack Brickey)

Still looking for presents, maybe one for yourself? The Community shop for christmas gift inspirations gives recommendations for games and board games:




@Monique van den Berg and @Brittany Wispell asked for your favorite (board) games in October 2017 and June 2018. Get inspired by dozens of recommendations in these threads and don't forget to post your own favourites!

15 days left...



For children, Christmas is the greatest time of the year. Everything is so exciting, sweets and toys around every corner - even adults think back to their childhood in these days.




@Nic Brough [Adaptavist]'s Friday Fun of August 2018 is about Childhood toys

Do you remember your best-loved toy? Say hello to penguins, teddy bears, robots, old-fashioned computers and books - maybe they remind you on your childhood - tell us more about your favourite toy! Do you still have it?  

What's on top of your children's wishlist today? Penguins, Teddy bears, robots, high class computers (which will be old fashioned computers in a few years) and books? Or something else? I'm curious.   

16 days left...




Seven differences on December the 7th - should not be too hard to find. But this one is a really difficult puzzle posted by @Fadoua Boualemin February.




Can you spot all the differences? Good luck and post your success in the comments (but please, not the solution. give the others a chance to find them on their own)!

17 days left...



Today is Nikolaus day, In Germany, children of all ages, even adult ones, believe that  good old Nikolaus is coming to their door and put something sweet into the shoe, which they put outside the door the evening before. And usually, Nikolaus is reliable, Often, he is also visiting our desks and leaves some chocolate there. In our company, we have a very failsafe boss, aahm Nikolaus I wanted to say Nikolaus...

Enjoy your chocolate today, but do not forget the daily fun:


@Mirek posted Magic Eyes in May - this is a mindblowing Friday Fun post containing moving wallpapers, argues about blue and black or gold and white, spinning dancers and many more illusions. You won't trust your eyes, it's as if you've seen the real Nikolaus in your office - ♫ It's just an illusion ♫ 

Enchant us with your magic eyes - do you know any more illusions? Let us know!

18 days left...




It's still enough time for crafting some Christmas gifts. Need ideas? 


@Meg Holbrook asked for our creativity and many people answered with photos of their work

Maybe we should open a shop with all our creative things: pens, paintings, pullovers and even jewellery, boats and beds.

What do you spend your time with? Show us your best pieces of work and make a photo before you hide it in wrapping paper! 

19 days left...



It's not May 4th, but December 4th - There are a lot of Star Wars fans among us.  Or is Kirk the captain of your choice? Anyway, on May, 4th (obviously), @Steve Thornhill [Adaptavist] asked for your best Star Wars parodieslichtschwert-christmas.jpg

 I'm sure, you know more than the already posted ones. We are desparately waiting for your comments!

20 days left...



Wanna peek at someone else's desk? Well, here you can - Have you ever had a real
tortoise on your desk? Or at least stuffed tacos (one to eat or one to cuddle with)?



Some of us have real cats or glass fishes on their table or so many balloons that you just can't work. Some of us work in the garden, some of us on a cow's pasture. Some of us have even little gardens in their offices.

@Meg Holbrook asked us to show these gardens and animals in July 2018 -  
Take part in the desk contest: Mirror, mirror on the wall: which one's the fairiest of them all? Show us your desk! Now!

21 days left...




In October 2017 we played the game "Two Truths and a Lie" - Do you know this game? You have to tell us three facts about yourself. One of them is totally nonsense. But the others are just pretending to be wrong - A great opportunity for telling extraordinary facts about you and come up with something, you may have always dreamt about but yes, is a lie.




Learn about TV carreers, literature, singers, sharks, unusual marriages and baby contests. What are your truths and lies? We are curious, tell us about them!
And don't worry, Santa is of course no lie - He's real, I know it. As there is Level 9... The Truth is out there...

22 days left...




Fun came officially to our Community on the 25th of August in the year 2017.  On that day, our Community-Queen @Monique van den Berg posted the first Friday-Fun discussion: Post a selfie.


You can see great selfies from Atlassians and Community Champions there - and a few more. There are stars, games and cats, Mickey Mouse and Summit haircuts and even giant chickens... Which one do you like best? Why not post your own selfie? The thread is not closed yet  :-)  

This has been the beginning of a long series of Friday-Fun posts - a great idea for getting to know each other and form a real Community. And the fun continues up to now, every Friday, again and again.


23 days left...



Danny Harris Community Champion Dec 01, 2018

Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone. 

Like 2 people like this
Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion Dec 01, 2018

Happy Holidays! I was bummed that I didn't get a David's Tea advent calendar this year, but so excited for the Atlassian Community advent calendar - fun idea! I will check out last year's calendar too, thanks for posting the link :)

Danny Harris Community Champion Dec 03, 2018

My desk is changing in the new year. Woo hoo, new desk selfie!

Like 1 person likes this
Mirek Community Champion Dec 03, 2018

Yeah!.. every day getting closer to Christmas! :)

Like 1 person likes this
Fadoua Boualem Community Champion Dec 03, 2018

In the middle of a move to a new building, will take a selfie in my new office.

Like 2 people like this
Davin Studer Community Champion Dec 03, 2018

Thanks for taking the time to do this @Thomas Schlegel. You sir, are awesome!

Like 2 people like this

Will move to a new office in January, will post a selfie then, too. 

Until then, merry Christmas everybody and thanks @Thomas Schlegel.

Like 3 people like this
Ollie Guan Community Champion Dec 03, 2018

Happy Holidays!

Like 3 people like this

Wohoo Star Wars :) -> found this piece of gold from a long time ago (in a galaxy far away)

@Thomas Schlegel that made my day 

Like 3 people like this
Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Dec 04, 2018

That's great, thank you @Fabienne Gerhard  and all the others - I hope, you'll all have a lot of fun the next 20 days!

Like 4 people like this
Jack Brickey Community Champion Dec 04, 2018

Loving the advent @Thomas Schlegel.  I found my way to the 2-truths-1-lie.

Like 2 people like this
Larry Brock Community Champion Dec 04, 2018

@Thomas Schlegel- Thanks for keeping us highly entertained and anticipating what tomorrow will bring!

bill hader anticipation GIF by Saturday Night Live

Like 3 people like this
carolyn french Community Champion Dec 05, 2018

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! @Thomas Schlegel This brought a smile to my face with all the great memories- looking forward to the rest of the countdown. 

Like 4 people like this

It's great how the community is engaged in both the serious/business AND general/off-topic areas.  Happy Holidays everyone!

Snowman Peekaboo.jpg

Like 4 people like this
Jack Brickey Community Champion Saturday

Love the ornament @Thomas Schlegel!

Like 3 people like this
Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion Sunday

I am loving this advent calendar so much @Thomas Schlegel - way better than those chocolate advent calendars that I grew up with :) Thanks for all your work to share these daily blogs with the community!

Like 2 people like this

I think this is simultaneously the coolest Advent Calendar ever as well as the coolest community post ever. Bing.... Bang ! ! 


Like 3 people like this
Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Sunday

Thank you so much, @Andy Barker@Jodi LeBlanc@Robin C. and all the others. I‘m so happy you like it. That keeps me going on doing things like this 😄

Like 5 people like this

@Thomas Schlegel: Yeah ! ! :D You're most welcome.

Like 2 people like this

The pictures are fun to come see!  I stop by even if I don't have a response to the question of the day.  :-)

Like 2 people like this
Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion Monday

Yes me too Robin! I also love how nostalgic the posts are to highlight the great posts from throughout the year.  I am also discovering some posts I had missed along the way. Love it!

Like 2 people like this
Monique van den Berg Community Manager Monday

@Fadoua Boualem has been posting more "spot the differences" puzzles in the NOVA group! Here's one!

Like 7 people like this
Omar Herrera Community Champion Tuesday

Great calendar @Thomas SchlegelMerry Christmas to all.

Like 3 people like this
Jodi LeBlanc Community Champion yesterday

I never did an advent calendar blog before but I did a Countdown to Delicious: with my David's Tea advent calendar and My downtown wish list 2 years in a row in the month of December:  Both were just for fun/volunteer! I really must get back to blogging, I miss it :)

Like 1 person likes this

@Jodi LeBlanc - I only read day 24 and now I am super jealous of your advent calendar. 

Like 1 person likes this


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