jira, accounting system and daily time sheet requirements

Scott Elliott July 17, 2021

What is the best way to implement logging work effort on a daily basis for software development and plumbing it into QB accounting software to meet US government contracting "dcaa" accounting standards that requires that we record daily time-sheets that includes effort on task by project (i.e., multiple contracts) as well as recording total hours at work?  Time-sheets must be entered daily.  We are using QB for our US accounting and I will have to feed the data to QB daily.  

Is this a two step solution:  A timekeeping tool and a conduit tool?  



I of course want to tack the usual jira ticket progress/effort and I don't want to have my engineers duplicating the PITA of two tracking systems by also entering the daily effort in some QB's phone app too.  (I'm also worried that in an audit the natural divergence of time records might looks fishy rather than an artifact of two different systems).   As a manager I am worried about the demotivating effect of having skilled professionals becoming demotivated by such low-level time-tracking on staff feelings of ownership and professionalism.

We are a new/small US branch office of a 100 person foreign electronics parent.  We will mostly be doing embedded software additions to our hardware product.  Our main customer being the US government.   I expect the US office to grow substantially, perhaps to several hundred in the US in 5 years.  While we are a technology company, we currently lack an IT group so a efforts for now will fall on me as the US engineering manager (or a contractor I might hire).  One complication that I see is Jira's licensing scheme as we only currently have 10 US employees, so adding, say, a ($10 * 110 people)  per month fees to solve the problem is an expensive solution for a small office.  IIf we don't fix this now I only see this as locking in a poor solution.  I've thought about splitting our jira account from our parent company to save money, but that would raise unintended red flags with our parent.  




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