LFH: Jira Administration Part 2

Created Dec 2, 2020, Last active Apr 22, 2022

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  • 🚨 This group will soon be archived Featured

    Thank you for being a member of LFH: Jira Administration, Part 2! This group will be archived on or before December 2, 2020, and the content will be hidden. Please take a moment to save any content i...

    Ben Thoma started a discussion 1 0 11-20-2020
  • Info about ACP-620 exam

    Hello to the community, I'm Lara. Nice to be here with you all. I am studying to become certified for Jira Project Administrator. I would like to share this experience with you. I was advised to star...

    Lara Salice started a discussion 3 1 04-22-2022
  • This is the 2nd part of the course Give it a try!!

    I have completed this course a few months back. I had an awesome time while learning! So who so ever are planning to learn this course, I will suggest them to definitely go for this course. This is a...

    Soumyadeep Mandal started a discussion 0 1 10-27-2020
  • ACP-120 Exam Feedback!

    Hiya folks, Can somebody who has completed the ACP-120 exam share their experience thus far? Any tips or recommendations on exam questions (apart from the course module and access to the platfo...

    Prateek Gupto started a discussion 0 4 08-19-2020
  • Studying for the Jira Cloud Admin exam

    Hi! I did this course but it expired and I wish I had of done it once more because it's super useful for the JCA exam!

    Stuart Capel - London started a discussion 0 2 08-19-2020
  • Completed course but one module is not showing as completed

    I've completed the part 2 course and it shows that only 11/12 modules are completed, when I check the right side bar i can see that 'Business Requirements' is not checked and i can't load it as well,...

    Ganesh Pandey started a discussion 0 7 07-16-2020
  • Any chance of an extension?

    My Jira Admin part 2 expires 11 July whereas my part 1 expires 25th or so (probably because I clicked part 2 inadvertently to have a peek before getting approval to do the course in work time.) I've ...

    Adrian Wedd started a discussion 1 7 07-09-2020
  • Jira Administration Part 2

    Buenos días! Estoy realizando el curso de Jira Administration Part 2 y me gustaría conocer otros usuarios que también lo estén estudiando para ayudarnos mutuamente y compartir impresiones.   ...

    Jordi Romera Aguila started a discussion 0 0 07-09-2020
  • Share the LFH love before enrollment closes

    We hope you've enjoyed the free training offered in this Learn From Home Training Package. Our enrollment period is almost at an end, so now is the best time to share your experience with coworkers...

    Ben Thoma started a discussion 1 0 06-29-2020
  • Retiring/Archiving projects in jira

    I was wondering what are other companies are doing with old projects of retired software/applications?    How do we cleanup/archive/delete those projects?

    Chris Speier started a discussion 1 3 06-29-2020
  • Completed course but status won't update to completed

    Hi, apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've completed the part 2 course and shows 11/12 modules, when I access training course, all modules show as completed except Course overview which shows ...

    Deleted user
    0 3 06-15-2020
  • Successfully completed the LFH: Jira Administration Part 2

    It was a great experience while learning the course. The course was really nice and easy to understand and completed all the modules. Atlassian University is just awesome. It was the best place to l...

    Soumyadeep Mandal started a discussion 2 0 06-13-2020
  • Continuing this journey

    Hi, I just finished part 1 and since I liked it so much, why not continue this journey now? Concepts are similar to Jira Administrator for Server, so I'm curious on the differences. Let's find out i...

    Marc Botermans started a discussion 0 0 06-05-2020
  • Program Extended

    We’ve extended our offer for free On Demand, Cloud Training courses through the end of June! With more time in this program, we encourage you to share this opportunity with your coworkers and peers....

    Ben Thoma started a discussion 4 1 05-27-2020
  • Introduction

    Hello, I'm working my way through the learning courses in order to earn my certificate and become my company's Jira Admin. just wanted to say hi.

    Nicholas Woltring started a discussion 0 1 05-21-2020
  • Daniel from Trundl

    Hey, This is Daniel from Trundl, Jira admin since 2015, always wanting to learn more tricks and best practices.

    Daniel Alonso started a discussion 0 1 05-19-2020
  • Let me Introduce myself in the LFH: Jira Administration Part 2 group!!

    Hello  everyone,  I hope everyone is doing well!! I'm Soumyadeep Mandal   or you can call me SaM! I'm an  Atlassian user for the last couple of years and I'm from Kolkata, ...

    Soumyadeep Mandal started a discussion 1 0 05-15-2020
  • Background viewing

    As well as following this course I would recommend a visit to and watching the newly released webinars starting with Jo...

    Phill Fox started a discussion 1 0 05-08-2020
  • 🦉 What have you learned so far?

    I'm curious… What's the most interesting, surprising, or useful thing that you've learned from this course so far?

    Ben Thoma started a discussion 1 3 05-06-2020
  • Great Wrap up to JIRA Administration Part 2 on Jira Issue Setup

    Just completed the course. Wasn't a long course if you have jira experience. I could see someone new to Jira getting mix up trying to map all the different schemes to build issues for the Jira projec...

    Benjamin started a discussion 3 0 05-03-2020
  • 🙌 How to get hands-on with this course material

    In this Learn From Home course, you'll be able to watch recorded lab demonstrations. We also encourage you to try these concepts on your own, but… ⚠️ Be careful! Changing the settings in an exist...

    Ben Thoma started a discussion 6 1 05-01-2020
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