user has limited edit screen options

I have a user that has the same role and permissions of others but only sees about 1/3 the fields as other users. What would cause this? What should I look at to get the user full view?




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Hi Nic, You are very close, let me correct a few points.

1) user was limited on fields in the edit screen. The configure fields button by default is always there. I don't know how the user got missing fields. I don't have long enough history here.

2) yes, a past admin entered code in the description box to "hide" the configure fields button.

3) yes, user needed to have the configure fields button returned so she could get all the fields back.

4) we did all that, then I returned the code and the button is now "hidden" again, but this time I know the issue.

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There aren't any fields in JIRA that behave like this, unless you've got an addon.  Could you confirm that this is happening just in edit mode?  They can see the fields in issue view when they have data?

(If it is just edit/update, look at the "configure fields" option where a user can hide fields if they want)

I did a screen share and didn't see the configure fields button. How do I get it to appear?

Nic, confirming it just happens just in edit mode.

Go to an issue, click "edit" and look at the top right of the popup for "configure fields"

Nic, you didn't notice my comment above: The configure fields button is not there. My question is: How do I get the button to appear so I can click on it? Thanks.

What version of Jira are you using? The configure button will be there in more recent versions. Also, have you checked your addons? Do you have Behaviours or Field security for example, or others that might be hiding fields?

We are on Version 6.3.10. It has been my experience so far that after you pick your fields the button does go away. I don't' see any obvious plugins that may affect behaviors.

The problem is that JIRA simply does not do what you are seeing - all users see all the fields you put on an edit screen. The configure fields button always appears for me, so I'm not even sure where you are looking now. There are a couple of exceptions - you won't be offered assignee or reporter if you don't have the permissions to use them, but what you're describing is a loss of loads of fields, not just the handful of controlled system fields. Which means you either have some javascript hacks, changed code, or an add-on hiding them (Behaviours is an addon, now part of the Script Runner, which can hide fields, and Field Security is another that can do it)

John, please paste here: * Screenshot of the edit pop-up of a common user (with all fields) * Screenshot of the edit pop-up of a problematic user (with missing fields) Ask the particular user to check the if the fields are missing too on different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge). If you have checked the button yourself (unfortunately do not trust user... :) ) and it disappears after use, then please open the browser console (F12, console tab), make a screenshot and paste it here too.

On the edit screen, in the upper corner of the pop-up there is a "Configure fields" button.

After clicking the button every user can switch to custom display mode, and disable some fields.

Check if this particular user has the custom mode enabled. If so he should just switch to "all" mode by using the same button.

short screen: (no Configuration field on top right)

      image2015-9-2 11:55:34.png                                                                                                                             


normal screen (no configuration field showing)

image2015-9-2 11:51:54.png


What happens if both people try "edit" from the same place? One of these is from the navigator, the other the issue. That shouldn't actually matter though. It really does look like you've got the Behaviours addon running, and someone has turned off the configure fields ability (after the first user hid half their fields)

OK, one step a time. First, let me ask you how is your tooth now? :) I hope it's ok. Now to the troubleshooting. 1) Please ask Heidi to provide a screenshot of full window, along with jira menus and her profile picture (omit address bar). 2) Go to the profile of Heidi and compare her groups with Julien Hamilton's and Sandra Mostacci's groups. There must be some differences that will tell us where to look next.

Hi Nic, 1) I am not clear what you mean by one is from the navigator, the other the issue. 2) if someone turned the configure field "off", where is this done, so I can try to turn it back "on". 3) I will go to add on managers, what should I look for that indicates a "behavior"? 4) do I just temporarily "disable" it and see if that allows the configuration field to return?

Blazej:  Heidi has the same permissions as her team mates and the same roles. I even asked her to go to her browser and delete her browser history, etc and see if that affects anything. (it didn't).

Thanks you all, for your continued help and patience.

1. Look at the backgrounds of the screenshots - the users have popped up the screen from two different places. 2. It's a hack - 3. Look for the Script Runner section in Admin, the Behaviours would be below that. And you can disable the addon to test if it changes.

Nic: YOU helped me solve the issue. See #2 above the link on how to hide configure fields. I had to read it about 4 times, and finally understood to go to issues > fields > configure fields > configure.

Which really means go to configure fields and first FIND the individual project you need. THEN go to configure, look for the description field, click edit, DELETE the code out of the box and hit the UPDATE box. THEN the configure Field instantly appears!

BOOM! got it. There were just a few missing instructions.

I didn't need to disable any of my 3rd party plugins.

thanks for your help.


PS: can now close this question.

That's excellent news! I was struggling because your combination of version and symptoms wasn't adding up. I'm not sure I understand the fix, so I'd really appreciate it if I could paraphrase it all and ask you to confirm or correct it? You have a user who is missing fields on the create/edit At some point in the past, they've used the "configure" button to hide some of the fields More recently, an admin has inserted a dodgy javascript hack into a field description that removes the "configure" button So, your user is stuck with their old list of fields, and can't click anything to change their preferences? Hence the fix is to re-enable the configure button by removing the hack, so the user can select fields again. Is that a correct reading of the solution? p.s. to "close" a question, mark an Answer correct with the tck on the left.

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