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Enrico Martinuzzi
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I'm New Here
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May 8, 2024


we are using Jira and up to now we used different projects for each version we release as they are very spaced in time.

However, now that our product has reached customer, we have the following problem:

1) issues found in the field are applicable to the released version and they can be applicable to the release currently under development

2) issues found in the version under development can be applicable to the released version.

My idea was to create an overall issue, created independently by which release generated it and automatically propagate it to all existing releases (in my case the one release and the one under development).

Developers must therefore analize the issue against both versions and eventually reject the one not applicable. It will not be allowed to close the "parent" issue until all "child have been resolved/rejected.

In this way, we will be able to have an idea of the overall backlog of the team (both maintenance and develoment) and it will be able, filtering the 2 different children  projects, to clearly identify the backlog for each version.

Is it possible to do that, especially the propagation to each version, automatically?

Having already the 2 separeted project for each version, is it possible to create the parent one in a smart way? (I was thinking to generate 2 different reports, one from each release, then created the parent project, import the reports creating the parent issue, link it to the existing originating issue... Still I have to create manually the issue in the other project...)

Thanks a lot!

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