(solved) Issues that have no Done/unresolved/Won't do/Duplicate/Cannot repoduce resolution

I have an issue after changing workflow shcemes for projects and a global re-indexing.

Most of the issues are not shown in the tools (but i know that they are and if you filter them by user they are shown). Some of the project do show up even though the workflow is the same on every project.

If i use a filter for resoltuion for "Done/unresolved/Won't do/Duplicate/Cannot repoduce" - the total issue count - 440.
If i use a filter for resoltuion for "All Resolutions" - the total issue count - 1185
I've lost 745 issues.

It seems that there is an issue with resoltions - can i somehow identify or filter the issues that don't have a resolutions (NOT unresolved, but don't have one) so I can bulk edit them in the right resolutions?
JQL filter using "resolution IS NOT" - not working.

Would be thankful for any help.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 09.15.39.png 

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I suspect there may be a serious problem with your setup.

How many issues do the following queries return?

  • Resolution = unresolved
  • Resolution is empty
  • Resolution = unresolved gives me 140 issues (these are the part of the 440)
  •  Resolution is empty gives me 140 too


Any ideas?
It seems that there is some other status of resolution that i am not seing.
THe problem here that the issues are there, and if i filter by user or project i get all the issues, and Project boards show everything, becasue the Workflow statuses are working correctly. 

Ok, that's good, it rules out what I was afraid of (Unless the two counts of 140 are co-incidentally the same - is the list of issues returned by both queries the same list? )

Could you also run these three?

  • Whatever the filter is without any reference to resolution (I think you've already done that and got 1185 ?)
  • Resolution is not empty
  • Take the filter without any reference to resolution and stick it in a new dashboard gadget - use "filter statistics", select resolution as the statistic and set the number of results to the maximum.  What does that tell you about the spread of resolutions?

    One last thing to check as well - do you have "resolution" as a field in your list of custom fields?  If you do, could you rename it and try the filters again?
Thanks for bearing with me Nic. I appeciate that.
resolution in (Unresolved, Done, "Won't Do", Duplicate, "Cannot Reproduce") RESULT 450
resolution is empty RESULT 147
Resolution is not empty RESULT 303

I have added All py projects filter to the dashboard and did that resolution thingy and it shows me a lot of just empty resolutions and a lot of DONE ones. But i just need to somehow merge them now but i have no idea how to identify or filter them out and assign the one resolution that is correct.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 09.59.52.png



That filter gadget is not the one I asked for.  Could you try it again with "filter statistics", rather than "filter results"?


Oh, right, sorry. I think this one is the right one Nic, yeah?
It shows the lost issues as irrelevant. So any Idea how to find the irrelevant tasks and change their resolution? And does it mean that i have something in the workflow wrong? THe resoltuin for the new tasks should be Unresolved right? 

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 09.15.39.png 

Right, yes, you've added a resolution of "irrelevant" and that's what the issues are set to.  It looks like you were adding clauses to the searches I asked for earlier, rather than running them plain, or you'd have seen these numbers coming out.  "Resolution is not empty" on its own would have been returning 1074.

The way to change resolutions is to search for, re-open and then re-close/resolve the issues, setting the desired resolution, but there is an easier way for this case - if you no longer want the "irrelevant" resolution, simply delete it.  JIRA will ask you what to change all the existing resolutions on issues to when it's removed.

If issue is unresolved it means that resolution is empty.

So try "resolution in (all resolutions) or resolution is empty"

For that querry i get 440 results - this is exactly the same result as was exlpained in OP
resolution in (Unresolved, Done, "Won't Do", Duplicate, "Cannot Reproduce") or resolution is empty 

In order to make this thread a bit useful and in case there are dummies like me, i will post a solution from Support.


After more detailed look at your instance I noted that some projects use Filed configuration Shames that have the Resolution field hidden.

  • Those issues then will not be shown when the filters with Resolutions are used. To confirm I searched for:
(resolution is EMPTY OR resolution is not EMPTY) AND project = MM

To be able to search for those issues with Resolution field, you will need to check the Show button:

You will need to also perform reindex on the instance after this change.

Thanks everyone for trying to help and spending your time.
Have a nice day 

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