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"done" Issues are moved to next sprint when closing the sprint


We have this strange behavior with issues when closing a sprint.


Our "done" status is in green color in the workflow.

When we are closing the sprint , we have a notification that X issues are done and Y issues will be moved to the next sprint.


And yet, after we close the sprint, many (if not all) of the "done" issues are moved automatically to the new sprint.


Here is an example of such issue that was marked as "done" and yet was moved to the next sprint. time is descending:




4 answers

I consider this a bug, It should not matter if an issue is in the right collumn or not. Done is Done (or any other resolution). 

You should stop thinking of it as a bug - it is working as intended.

Can you help me understand what the meaning of a "Done" status is, if it doesn't mark my issues as done?


We added in an "abandonded" status in the "done" category to indicate the tasks that we've given up on. We want them categorized differently because we may want to review these at a later date to resume work; however, for all intents and purposes, the team is "done" with it, and I don't want it moving on to a new sprint.

Can you show me another way to organize this information in Jira that would accomplish this purpose?


Your input would be much appreciated.

Why would  you need a functionality in jira where tickets which are in a "done" status go to the next sprint ?

Great Question! I also struggle to image such a scenario where I would want that.

You don't want to do that.

But you are missing the point that the status and status category are not directly relevant to your sprint - you need to be looking at the last column on the board.  That's the only thing that matters to "done" on an Agile board.

well, we have a board with issues, but these same issues are also on other boards. On our board this issue is done (green). But on other boards it is also done, but not in the last collumn. In this case jira will take these issues to the next sprint. Which it should not do, because as far as we are concerned it is done. It has a green status.

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If an issue is not in the most right column of your board, then the issue is considered as not complete.

And if in my view there is no column to "done" issues? 

You should add such a column. And it must be the most right column

So Jira is actually ignoring the status of "done" and only checks the column they are in?  

Jira Software does not look at statuses, it looks at the most right column. You should associate the Done status with the most right column

OK. But isn't it possible for every Jira user to create its own board with different settings and columns? So how Jira knows to which board it needs to have a reference?

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Yes, but sprints also get generated by boards, so even when people have different board settings, the sprint data is still based on the right-hand column for their board.

This can let you set up things like:

  • Workflow: To do -> In dev -> dev done/ready to test -> in test -> tested
  • Developer board:  To do -> In dev -> dev done (done)
  • Tester board:  Ready to test -> in test -> tested (done)

One team's "done" is another team's "to do" in there.


(BTW, it does not matter what the right-hand column is called, just as long as it contains all the status you want to consider "done" on the board)

This doesn't make any sense... The UI basically says there are "X open issues" - an issue that is marked as done should not be an open issue... Why is it just the right column? This is really not clear....

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It makes perfect sense when you understand what a board is for and that the last column is "done" 

FWIW, it's just the right column because a board is there to show the team what they are currently working on, or have finished with recently or in the current sprint.  Once something is done, the team doesn't care what the status is, beyond "not our problem anymore.  So more than one done column is noise as far as the team is concerned.  You don't need more than one

The behavior you are describing is not what I am experiencing. All the issues with a status of Done and sitting in rightmost lane continue to appear in the following sprints.

I can't get rid of them !

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Do they have open sub-tasks - that's the other thing the sprint checks.  By definition, if an issue has open sub-tasks, it can't be done, parts of it are not done.

I am seeing the same thing as Jack.  I have 50 items in the Done column which is the right most column in Board.  When I close the sprint and open the next sprint the Done still appear in the new sprint and don't go to the Archive.

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And sub-tasks?

I put all "closed" issues on the most right column of our boards, but what about closed issues which are not on any board. They also go to the next sprint sometimes.

> closed issues which are not on any board

If they're not on the board, it can't know whether they are closed or not, because they are not in the last column.

So I could create kind of a fake board with one column and i would put all the statusses that i want jira to consider as done in this column. Then jira would nkt bring them to the next sprint right ?


The concept of "done" is for the board that the sprint belongs to.

Maybe then  i can change the filter of the board. I do not want all the "done" statussen that we have in the last column. Because then people will get confused where to put them. So, for example the status declined or deleted i do not want on any board. So maybe i can chage the filter to filter out these statusses ?

If you filter out a status, it won't appear on the board, and hence you can not set it as "done".  It will also look like scope change as it will drop out of the sprint when it moves into a missing status.

This is simply not going to work unless you represent your issues/stories accurately on the board - you must show everything in the sprint and you must have done things in the done column

A "done" column filled with stuff need not be confusing.  Tell people to ignore it.  The column literally means "we've finished this and it doesn't need anyone to look at it again".  You could add a quick-filter to the board for "status not in <list of status in the done column>" to help them out as well.

I figured it out. Go into your "Board" and click on the done task. Change the status to "To Do" then move it back to "Done". A green check mark will then appear and finally that task will be considered completed and not move into the new Sprint. It is the equivalent of turn it off and turn it back on.... A very odd bug that Jira Next-Gen employees should really fix.

Thanks for this! 

I just had to move 26 issues manually between Done - To Do - Done for the green check mark to appear. 
Very frustrating that this is happening. Unsure how, but I'm going to monitor the Done tickets over our next sprint to figure out why not all tickets have a green check mark. 

We are having the same problem.  We have a larger workflow and moving the Done tickets to an active status (Done check mark disappears), then back to Done (Done check mark reappears), before closing the sprint didn't stop the Done tickets from going to the next sprint.   We have a Duplicate status that is also considered as done.  Setting tickets to Duplicate did stop them from transferring to the next sprint.  

It is very frustrating and since only our administrator can talk to Atlassian and he is on a different continent.

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That tip worked for me! Thanks for sharing :)

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Ollie Guan Community Leader Nov 27, 2018

Hi @Itay Keller,

Could you take a picture of your Kanban Columns configuration, similar to the following


Here you go:



Ollie Guan Community Leader Nov 27, 2018

As mentioned by Alexey, when the sprint is completed, the issue in the most right column is considered to be the completed task, and the other columns will be moved back to the Backlog.

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Hi @Ollie Guan - I have a similar issue where issues are getting moved into the next sprint even though they're in a done status. The kicker is that they're in the far right column of the board. Any thoughts?

FYI we number our sprints with odd numbers. Don't ask why.


Like Kristina Callaghan likes this

Are there any sub-tasks on this issue?  If there are, what status are they in?

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