is there a JQL query to select the Board

Niraj Shakya
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September 27, 2022

I require a JQL query where to select a Project and select a board and opensprint() where updates made in the issues on the current sprint board.

I am not able to select the board.

My company has created multiple boards for a project.

The main issue is that while creating JQL query, I am not able to select boards.

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Rich Bayless January 10, 2024

It's such a shame that all of the answers given so far are simply workarounds to Jira's apparent limitation of not being able to specify a specific board (or boards) in the JQL itself (as the op actually asked).  And, none of those workarounds support searching across multiple specific boards.  For example, if my project has twenty boards, and I want to find all issues from just five specific boards (of my project) which meet a specific set of criteria, there's apparently no way to do that.  Even worse, it's been a year and a half since this question was asked and Jira still doesn't offer a solution for what should be super simple (e.g., "AND Board = ________").  {sigh}

What's especially bizarre about this limitation is that Jira does support specifying a specific board in REST queries (e.g., to get the internal IDs of all sprints for a specific board: https://{jira site/instance}/rest/agile/1.0/board/68696/sprint) ... how did Atlassian manage to add such support for REST but not JQL?!?!?

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September 27, 2022

@Niraj Shakya  you should just use filters that you are using in your board.. ex if your board is component specific you just need to add that component filter to your query.

you can see your board filter in board general settingsimage.png

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I'm New Here
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April 18, 2024

@Sakina The advice from you will definitely not work. He is not asking for Project, rather boards. There is no way to run a query for boards. See the above comment from Richard. if it was a Project, yes, your advise would work.

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Fabio Racobaldo _Herzum_
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September 28, 2022

Hi @Niraj Shakya ,

welcome to the Atlassian community!

As said by @Shivam Desai , you can retrieve the filter associated to your board. In order to retrive issues associated to your open sprint you need to add the following condition to that filter :

AND sprint in openSprints()

Hope this helps,


Shivam Desai September 28, 2022

Agreed @Fabio

Thanks for the addition.

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Shivam Desai September 28, 2022

Hi @Niraj Shakya 

Kindly follow the below steps and you will get the solution to your question.

  1. Go to the Board
  2. In the top-right, select Options (3-dots) and choose Board Settings
  3. Go to the General tab on the left-hand menu
  4. Select "Edit Filter Query"
  5. In the URL, take a note of the filter's ID; it will look like this - ?filter=XXXX - take the numbers after the equals
  6. Now go into Issue Search and you can enter something such as project = ABC and filter = XXXXX - that will let you search by project and "board"

Thanks & Regards,


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