getting custom fields values between 2 issues in a same project without linked issue option

Cem Tuğrul April 2, 2024

Hello Forum,

Maybe this question is a very primitive BUT I could not realize and I do not know where to start. I have a issue type#1 and lets say the custom fields as A,B,C,D,E,F and then I have an another issue type#2 and the custom fields as REF_A, REF_B,REF_C

while creating issue on type#1 ; I need to get  the values for B,C from issue type#2

(issue type#1 A=REF_A issue type#2;)  then I need the values for B,C from REF_B and REF_C

Hope it is very clear:-)

Is there any solution and suggetion?

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SAzaruddin_mp April 3, 2024

Hi @Cem Tuğrul 

It sounds like you want to populate the certain custom field values in issue type #1 with values from Issuetype #2 during the issue creation process. This can be achieved by using automation.

Identify trigger condition:

Determine when the automation should trigger. For example, you may want it to trigger when an issue of Type #1 is created.

Fetch values from issuetype #2:

Using built-in JQL functions to fetch the values of REF_B and REF_C from an issue of Type #2 (based on the value of REF_A)

Set Custom field values:

Set the values of custom fields B and C in the Issue Type #1 with the values obtained from Issue Type #2

Configure the automation rule:

Configure the automation rule in Jira to execute the above steps when an issue of Type #1 is created.

Here is example rule:

Trigger: Issue created (for Issue Type #1)

Condition: Issue matches criteria (Issue Type #1)

Action: Fetch REF_B and REF_C from Issue Type #2 where REF_A matches the value of custom field A in Issue Type #1.

Set values of custom fields B and C in Issue Type #1 with the fetched values of REF_B and REF_C.




Cem Tuğrul April 3, 2024

Hello SAzaruddin_mp ,


Thank you very much for your answer.

Honestly , ı do not know how to setup a automation trigger. Is there any " Issue matches criteria" with "where" condition. Do you have an example?

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