can't seem to edit field values

Isaac Beadling November 13, 2018

Basically, I have an issue type of "iOS" for bugs that are iOS. Then, under that there is a dropdown for selecting

  • type of device (iPhone 5s, iPhone X, iPad Air, iPad Pro, etc.)
  • iOS level (10,11,12 etc.)

I'm not really a Jira expert, but occasionally must administer our site to do some to change what one would think are simple things. I have figured out previously how to edit the selectable values (ex. adding new device types), but each time I did it I could not figure it out intuitively. I had to search endlessly in the documentation it seems, and when I found it, this function seemed so buried in the UI, as well as easy to confuse with other topics. I think thats why I can't do it again despite looking at all the documentation and Community postings. Then, it seems I can't contact a Jira help person to ask about it on the site! I just can't spend all day looking this up every time. I'm sure its not such a hard thing but kind of out of time for pouring through documentation.

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Tom Lister
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Community Leader
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November 13, 2018

Hi @Isaac Beadling

Ha  - I feel your pain :-)

Go to JIRA Administration (the cog!)/Issues/Custom Fields

in the custom field list, find your field and use the cog icon on the far right and select Configure.

under the options list, there will be an Edit Options link

This will give you a page that adds & removes options

(this is for Jira server)

If you're using cloud check this page


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Isaac Beadling November 13, 2018

Lesson in Custom Field Editing.jpegThis shows the right dropdown option I was trying to hit. I think the only thing with your instructions different from what I found was the cog is not there an instead this is the ellipses. I think I recall this being a cog / gear icon in the past, however, so perhaps this graphic was changed in the site design, or I'm confusing it with another part of the administration site. Thanks again!

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Isaac Beadling November 13, 2018

Thanks a lot... it appeared there was only an Ellipsis (...) icon to the right which has Configure , Edit, Translate , etc. as options, as opposed to a cog / gear, which I had tried before today and just did not seem like it was leading to the right screen (instead I believe it was to change the title and description only, a bit less granular!). Anyway, this was very familiar territory to me and pointed me in the right direction, so you've been a big help. I did get to the right heading Default Configuration Scheme for iOS Devices , finally. Under that heading a default value can be set, as well as there is a link Edit Options under which all the potential values (and my past additions) are present and could be edited.

Now that I see the way I am selecting the ellipsis to get access to the Configure menu, I think what was happening is I was trying to select Configure, but instead was hitting Edit, which would explain the behavior. I guess that may be a factor of browser zoom level, being rushed, etc.

I think this is called "UI Dark Patterns" or careless mistakes :) (in this case, creating random issues).

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