Why do I have multiple active sprints? How do I delete them?

JK May 22, 2024

So to start, we have never had the parallel sprint function enabled.


But we seem to have multiple "active" sprints on our drop down down.


When I go to one of those sprints via the link on an issue, it goes to the current sprint in a different name.


I think we may have made these in the past, but deleted them, as it was when we were first testing the system. so they are stuck there forever as active.


How do we delete them to tidy things up?



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JK May 28, 2024

IS there anyway to contact support to get this resolved? 

It seems like a Bug?

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JK May 24, 2024

So I'm not sure what to do, when i try and go to support, it says that I should post on the forum, but if the forum doesnt have an answer, how do I contact support?

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