Why are my dashboards not updating?

Jon April 10, 2024

I update and save my filters, but the data in the dashboards do not change or reflect the filter info when I refresh.

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Collista Lewingdon
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Community Leader
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April 10, 2024

Good morning @Jon

If you are updating and saving filters in Jira, but the changes are not reflecting in Jira dashboards even after refreshing, there are several potential reasons and troubleshooting steps to consider. Here's a trouble shooting guide to help resolve this issue:

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Verify Filter Permissions:

    • Ensure that the filters you are updating and saving have appropriate permissions. Check if the filters are shared with the correct users or groups who have access to the Jira dashboards.
  2. Check Dashboard Configuration:

    • Open the Jira dashboard that you are viewing.
    • Edit the dashboard to review the gadgets and their configurations.
    • Confirm that the gadgets on the dashboard are using the correct filters.
    • If gadgets are using specific filters, ensure they are updated to use the newly saved filters.
  3. Refresh the Dashboard:

    • After updating and saving your filters, refresh the Jira dashboard.
    • Use the browser refresh button or press F5 to reload the dashboard.
  4. Clear Browser Cache:

    • Sometimes, cached data in your browser can cause issues with dashboard updates.
    • Clear your browser cache and cookies to ensure you are fetching the latest data from Jira.
  5. Review Gadget Configurations:

    • For each gadget on the dashboard, check its configuration settings.
    • Make sure the gadgets are configured to use the appropriate filters that you have updated.
  6. Validate Filter Content:

    • Go back to the Jira issue navigator and run the filters to verify that they are returning the expected results.
    • Ensure that the filters are correctly filtering and displaying the desired issues.
  7. Test with Different Browsers:

    • Try accessing the Jira dashboard using a different web browser.
    • Sometimes, browser-specific issues can affect the display of Jira dashboards.
  8. Check Jira Version and Updates:

    • Ensure that your Jira instance is running the latest version.
    • Check for any updates or patches that might address issues related to filters and dashboards.
  9. Inspect Browser Console for Errors:

    • Open the browser developer tools (usually accessed via F12 key) and navigate to the "Console" tab.
    • Look for any JavaScript errors or warnings that might be affecting the dashboard's functionality.
  10. Recreate the Dashboard:

    • As a last resort, consider recreating the Jira dashboard from scratch.
    • Remove all gadgets and re-add them, configuring each gadget with the updated filters.

Additional Tips:

  • User Permissions: Ensure that the users viewing the dashboard have the necessary permissions to view the issues returned by the filters.

  • Jira Administration: If you have access, check the Jira administration settings related to filters and dashboards for any specific configurations or restrictions.

By following these troubleshooting steps and considerations, you should be able to diagnose and resolve the issue of filters not reflecting in Jira dashboards after updates and saves. If the problem persists, consider reaching out to your Jira administrator or technical support for further assistance.

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Jon April 10, 2024

Seems like none of these are working (and I don't have the time today to attempt solution #10). If Solution 10 is the only path forward, this feels like a bug to me. I've noticed this in the past as well that only recreating works. 

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Prakash Murugesan
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Rising Star
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April 10, 2024

Please review the permissions associated with the filters and dashboards

also ensure that you have the necessary permissions to view and access the data included in the filters.

If your permissions are restricted, it may prevent the dashboards from updating with the latest information

Jon April 10, 2024

My permissions are not restricted.

Prakash Murugesan
Rising Star
Rising Star
Rising Stars are recognized for providing high-quality answers to other users. Rising Stars receive a certificate of achievement and are on the path to becoming Community Leaders.
April 10, 2024

in this case, you need to recreate this again from scratch.

Jon April 11, 2024

I would consider this a bug! Recreating every time I need to refresh is not a feasible solution. 

toni_d May 16, 2024

I'm having the same issue with all of my existing dashboard. When I update a filter for one of my dashboards, return to the dashboard and refresh the browser or the specific widget, I should immediately see the expected data updates, but this is no longer happening.

Something has changed recently that is causing these updates to not be available to the dashboard instantaneously, like it has been in the past. Refreshing countless times or clearing cache doesn't matter. I've noticed it can take anywhere from 30secs to several minutes for the updated data to reflect on the dashboard. In a couple of instances, I've had to wait til the next day to see the updates. This used to work and now it's delayed for an undetermined amount of time. @Jon is right...this is a bug. The solution is not re-creating everything from scratch. 

Steve Lundy May 31, 2024

Yes, definitely a bug... I am seeing the same behaviour.

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