When will Advanced Roadmaps work with Next Gen projects?

Paul Pringle
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July 17, 2020


I'm about to commit our organisation to Advanced Roadmaps, which we are all happy about, however 5 of our projects are next gen, including the most important one.

I have tried unsuccessfully to find out if Next Gen projects will be supported in Advanced Roadmaps at any point but can't find a succinct answer.

Any help appreciated

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March 6, 2021

Just switched to Premium plan with high hopes, but then to find out Advanced Roadmaps doesn't work with Next-gen projects was quite disappointing :/

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Adam McKinty November 12, 2020

I am liking the look of the Advanced Roadmaps, but I too am having this problem as well.  Two share teams are using nextgen.  Boards, Filters and Projects all indicate nextgen is not supported.

will it be?

Having to migrate all projects to a bloated standard version in order to incorporate multiple projects into a view seems onerous.

Hopefully this is in the future plans?  Or will similar functionality be added to the Roadmaps in Nextgen?

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Samson Tan February 23, 2021

Would love to see this support for Next Gen boards as well. The classic boards are frankly just too much to go in and configure. It's a bit of a headache and Next Gen is much easier.

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Paul Benati November 30, 2020

Chiming in on this, we could really use Advanced Roadmaps with Next Gen projects.  It's an elegant way for us to see across our efforts leveraging all of the information contained within our boards.  It would be helpful to know if and when this will be available.  Thanks.


We started with Jira just when Next Gen was coming out and decided to go in that direction based on Atlassian's guidance that this is where Jira collectively was going, but this appears not to be true.  Rather, it appears that there are two distinct products that are forevermore going to be competing; classic for centralized administration and next gen for decentralized administration.  This is frustrating.

Nick November 30, 2020

Agreed, by naming convention it seems these are two products destined to be the same in the end, but in practice they seem to promote two distinct products that for all intent and purpose do the same thing in the end. I understand the difficult of change and the need for the initial distinction but as a customer it would help to understand the true roadmap here so that we can plan accordingly.

It would also be valuable for Atlassian to have plan for the customer journey (ie. if Next-Gen is the expected future by customers see Classic as the best fit today, then once the products are fully aligned there should be a migration tool/process to move away from classic). As one leader put it, "people don't mind change, they just don't like it when you change them," and similarly, "when the purpose is clear people can endure the pain of change." At the moment it's unclear the true purpose, and as leaders of our organizations it's hard to then lead with clarity.

For any Atlassian moderator I would say this is important because within the community the answer isn't always a workaround for our current issue, it's an understanding of our partnership and how we are to best use the platform. So radio silence on these topics is likely the most frustrating response; one that many Atlassian users have unfortunately come to expect. I think there was hope that with this new Community portal it would change, I personally have seen improvement but still feel it is not enough especially for the change management around next-gen projects.

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Nick November 18, 2020

This is pretty discouraging to be an adopter, advocate, and champion of the Next-Gen movement, patiently watching the public product roadmap deliver on each new feature, to then find out that the new developments with the Roadmaps feature are only accessible to "classic" projects?! What is with that?!

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 7.44.26 PM.png

Am I understanding this correctly. Based on the ^^ product roadmap today this isn't even something it appears they are EVER going to do. 

If there is any one the Next-Gen product team who can clarify this for us and provide some insight on an ETA if I'm mistaken? Even attempting to use "filter" (JQL) option as described by @Mick Might had some promise, I have the issues within the roadmap but I'm given a warning that it won't work with next-gen issues and prompted to change my filter so I have no idea what I can do with this.

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August 21, 2020

Same here!

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Alex Murillo February 4, 2021

If you're looking for an alternative to Advanced Roadmaps for Next-Gen projects then Structure by ALM Works is a very good alternative.  We've been using for the past year now.


ALM Works even have a corresponding product called Structure Gantt that integrates seamlessly with Structure.


We have chosen to use Structure Gantt because it meets our needs, and no other plugin works so smoothly.  Although, I wish it had more flexibility regarding custom colors.

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ShyftBase Admin January 23, 2021

I just tried it, when creating a plan > filter > if you have created a filter that captures all your next gen projects, it seems to be pulling them fine and work. 

Just playing around now to see if there's any limitations but it appears that this is a work around. 

I tried mixing next gen and classic projects in my filter and that doesn't seem to work. But you can have multiple filters as source of your issues so you could do that. 

Hope this helps. I 100% agree thought, it's best if they add support and keep 1 path going forwrad. 

Mick Might January 25, 2021

I got an error message when I tried to include a filter (as an input source) to my Advanced Roadmap.

Plan contains next-gen issues

Advanced Roadmaps doesn't support next-gen projects.

ShyftBase Admin February 23, 2021

I got it to work by defining a filter first but even then it's not useful since you can't really carry over the epics ... :( 

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Mick Might November 19, 2020

I think Atlassian should decide to either use classic or next-gen and be done with it. We are porting projects from next-gen to classic as we migrate from Jira Cloud to Jira Server and it is not easy. There is ability to 'move' from next-gen to classic but this is not without compromises and manual data entry/ data loss. Perhaps I am doing something wrong with this, but if feels like this should be easier or a wizard developed for doing this type of operation.

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Mick Might October 15, 2020

This article explains how it is possible to use Advanced Roadmaps and when creating a Plan, you can select a JQL query as the input source. Traditional input source and their 'default' is Board, and another option is a Team being the input source. 

I'm actually going to try this idea out, so will feedback how I get on.

Advanced roadmaps can be flexible in how you want to source issues into a plan. You can select a project, a board or a Jira JQL filter to source issues to your plan. However, what may not be immediately clear is that some options are more constrained than others and may limit functionality. For this reason we recommend using Boards as the issue source, particularly if your needs from the tool revolve around Capacity planning.

Samson Tan February 23, 2021

Mick- any luck?

Mick Might February 23, 2021

Hi @Samson Tan no, I did not get this to work with Next-Gen. I migrated to Classic and will use that going forward. Next-Gen had too many missing features for my teams.

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ShyftBase Admin February 23, 2021

I have tried this but as far as I figured, you cannot benefit from the grouping tasks/stories under epics. So pretty much no use, unless someone knows how to which in that case please please let me know 

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