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When I change the sprint name in one project then the sprint name in another project also changed to

When I change the sprint name in one project then the sprint name in another project also changed too.

""Sprints belong to boards, not projects, so what you're doing is renaming an object that includes items from two projects.  You need to separate the board so that the sprints can be separated.""

- OK! But how can I do that!!??? Step by Step;

How can I point my Sprint to specific board?


Thanks in advanced!

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Hi everyone!

Thanks a lot! I opened a ticket e receive this answer:

I used this answer to help me to develop a solution. Thank you all (@CARLISLE @Alexey Matveev [cPrime])!!

Thanks @Caio

"Hi Samuel, I hope you are great!

My name is Caio, and I'll be assisting you with this case.
This is happening because the sprint is an independent entity that can be used across multiple project and boards since it's related to issues. So, once you add issues from a certain project/board that is different from where the Sprint was created, the Sprint will now be displayed in both project and, since it's a single entity, once you rename it or do any changes it will replicate to all the others.

In the case of the sprint FAC Sprint 33, we noticed that you have two different sprints that were created in two different boards, as you can see in the table below:

IDSprint NameIDBoard Name

441FAC Sprint 3337BB board
443FAC Sprint 3345CMK Board

That said, you have 2 sprints with the same name created that are being shared between the 4 boards you mentioned. In order to fix that you'll have to create a new Sprint on the boards that are not mentioned above and move all the issues from the FAC Sprint 33 to the new one. This way you'll ensure that all Sprints are different and the changes you apply to one won't replicate to another.

Let us know if it clarifies. Also, feel free to update the ticket with any additional questions you may have.

Best regards,
Caio Fraga
Atlassian Support | Cloud


1 - I removed all issues from Sprint to top backlog (in all bad affected Sprints). 2- The Sprints were ended automatically, when I removed all issues from it (Excepted one - But I left it empty there on the board, to avoid unknown problems, imaging that after I end the original Sprint, it will end too) and I created another new Sprint with the rght name in the same board, in this case. 3- After that, I created all another Sprints again, with right descriptions name.
Every things worked fine! Every things works fine! Thanks a lot! :)

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Caio Atlassian Team Jan 24, 2019

Nice to hear that Samuel! We are glad to hear that we were able to help you out! :)

Count on us for any additional questions you may have!

Deleted user Nov 25, 2020

@Caio  I don't understand when you say sprint belongs to a board not project. In my JIRA instance there are separate projects but somebody changes a sprint name in his project but it changed sprint name in my project too though the board names in these 2 projects are different. How do i make sure it does not impact respective sprints in their respective projects. Please help me to clarify.

Thanks in advance.

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a Sprint does not belong to a board. If two boards select the same issues and you include this issue in a sprint in one board, this print will be visible on another board. If you rename this sprint in one board, the sprint will be renamed in the other board. If you close this sprint in one board, this sprint will be close in the other board.

Even I  am facing issue of " when i change the sprint name in one Board then the sprint name in another Board gets changed"

Please mention clear steps to resolve the issue. Thanks

It seems you might be able to create a custom hierarchy to solve this problem (see above link).

I think if your SPRINT name is shared, then that might be causing the issue.

Hello @Samuel Menezes de Souza

Let me be more definitive, if you are the ADMIN of a BOARD, then your sprint naming conventions should be unique to your your BOARD.

ex GHD666 issue in SPRINT 1 versus GHD777 in SPRINT 2

But, yes, if you change the string GHD in your sprint, then every single instance of SPRINT will change regardless of where it is in the BOARD or PROJECT. 

Curious as to the source for your quote regarding above 

""Sprints belong to boards,..." is this directly from Atlassian?

You quite possibly could reference each unique item where you need to reference it. I suppose a kind of cross referenced mapping. The reason for this mapping might be that this SPRINT might be relevant to more than one SPRINT. Therefore, if you change it in one instance, then it will change in every spot it is referenced.

This issue is like genealogy. When you change the name of the one object, then it changes the name of every single object under that hierarchy. 

If you have the permissions as a SPACE ADMIN or higher level ADMIN, then you change the name of every instance under that hierarchy. 

As the SPACE ADMIN, then you change the name of the BOARD it falls underneath, does that make sense? 





The math is changing every instance within each project because it belongs to a BOARD which is irrelevant to the PROJECT HEADING.

Thanks a lot @Samuel Menezes de Souza . You saved my day! I went through lot of posts across the community, but your detailed answer on changing the sprint name helped! Thanks again!

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