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Garred Sheppard April 22, 2024

I have a form request in a service project where people can submit tasks for my team. These are being pushed to a discovery project board where my team reviews the tasks and then decides what steps to take. The statuses in the discovery project are:
•Waiting for Review (This is where all tasks in the service project land)

•Scope Review 


•Ready (Where projects will go when we have reviewed)

•In Progress (When my team moves the work into their queue)



When my team pushed work into the In Progress queue I want all the linked issues to update to In Progress as well. I have this automation set up but it doesn't seem to work. I don't know if it's because the status is different in the service project or not. Any thoughts? Here are the statuses in the service project:
•To Do

•In Progress


Basically I want the To Do to move to an In Progress status when the Ready → In Progress happens.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 104016.png

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Garred Sheppard April 22, 2024

I added an option to comment to issue rule to see where the comment would show up. It is showing up in the product discovery comments, but should be showing up on the linked issue since it is in that branch right? If that is the case maybe this is why the workflow transition settings aren't updating either?


Screenshot 2024-04-22 165648.png

Garred Sheppard May 6, 2024

This still has not been able to be resolved. Any thoughts?

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