Unable to save changes in Advanced Roadmap

Andrei Ionut Sandu August 12, 2022



I created a Plan in JIRA and in this menu I can't save the modification (Start / End date)



I keep receiving this error even if I am a JIRA admin for projects scheme


Went also to Plan > Settings > Configure > Permissions and added my self in the allow list.



Still receiving the permission error. It there another perm that I should check?


Thank you,

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Samina S_ May 22, 2023

@Andrei Ionut Sandu  did this ever get resolved for you ? If yes, How ?

Andrei Ionut Sandu May 23, 2023


Try to make new custom fields for the dates and then switch them from that menu.


Samina S_ May 23, 2023

Thank you ! My issue is that I am getting the error , when just re-ordering issues manually , and not sorting them by date. 

Andrei Ionut Sandu May 23, 2023

Have you tried doing that but with new fields?

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