Two Dimensional Chart: How to exclude some values from field that allows multiple values?

GERALD_P_KUNTZE March 28, 2023

In Jira we have a field (e.g., Components) that allows multiple values (i.e., Test-Automated, Test-Manual, Appl-A, Appl-B, etc.) to be saved in it. This field (Components) is used across multiple Jira Issue Types.


I want to illustrate in a Two-Dimensional Chart the quantity of Issue Types by Status that contain a subset of the values in the field (Components). My JQL correctly returns the records for the desired subset of values. FYI, some records have additional values that ARE NOT in the desired subset.  As a result, the Two-Dimensional Chart lists the desired values and the additional undesired values.

QUESTION: Is it possible to exclude the Two-Dimensional Chart from listing the additional undesired values?

Sample JQL:  IssueType = Test AND Component in ("Appl-A", "Appl-B", "Appl-C", "Appl-D", "Appl-E", "Appl-F", "Appl-G", "Appl-H", "Appl-I", "WebAppl-X", "WebAppl-Y")


Example of Issue Type w/multi-value field populated:



Example of Two-Dimensional Chart w/rows I'd like excluded:



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Fabio Racobaldo _Herzum_
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April 2, 2023


in my opinion you should not retrieve issues that contain that values. Please try to use the following JQL in your filter :

IssueType = Test AND Component not in ("Testing - Automation", "Testing - Manual")

Hope this helps,


GERALD_P_KUNTZE April 7, 2024

Thanks for trying. The suggestion resulted in NO records being return by the JQL because ALL records have one or the other values (e.g., "Testing - Automation", "Testing - Manual"). I'm looking for a way to NOT display those two rows

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