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Time tracking on Next-Gen Projects - Jira Cloud

I can log time on Classic Jira Projects but If I create them as Next-Gen the log time option is missing.

I'm assuming I have the correct defaults set up as this works in Classic projects.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi guys, this is now rolled out to 100%.

As I mentioned on the feature request ticket users can now:

  • Add the "Time tracking" field to an Issue Type in Next-gen Project settings.
  • Log time and Time remaining from the Issue View
  • Have logged time show up in the Worklogs

Thanks for the patience guys, any requests/comments for Estimation related functionality should be made here.

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All the thanks belongs to the team, but I will be sure to pass it on to them. 

Hi @Nathan Sturgess

Before you introduced this feature, it was possible to set original estimate for next-gen issues, by calling "/rest/api/3/issue/SOME+KEY?overrideScreenSecurity=true" endpoint (by addon with ADMIN scope). Right now, it's returning 400 response. Did you disable setting original estimate entirely?

Regards, Paweł

HI @Paweł Albecki

The REST API was never meant to work with Next-gen as we have not yet started to work on time estimates. Thus it was fixed it to avoid confusion and potential conflicts with the estimations in the future.

Sorry if that has inconvenienced you. When we start work on estimation that endpoint would be included in that work. If you could go vote and comment on this ticket, it would be appreciated. 



@Nathan Sturgessso when can we expect fully working and probably totally incompatible with the rest of Jira REST endpoints solution for setting the estimate in next-gen projects (asking about REST endpoint)?


It's great to see you re-invent everything laying out some ground work for the future but it sucks for developers and clients as there's so many gaps and differences between classic and next-gen projects and in this case you broke what was already there and working to make room for better future. Not cool. It would be better to leave it as is and then add a new solution and let people migrate to it!


I guess if we knew that this endpoint will stop working we would not implement feature based on the existing REST API assuming it will just work. Would love to have better communication around what will and will not change in next-gen. I'm the author of Clockwork Automated Timesheets.

Thus it was fixed it to avoid confusion

@Nathan Sturgess, you are brave, and I'm jealous. I would never dare to say that to customers. 

I bet you could freely leave it working till the "the estimations in the future" are ready. 

Next-gen customers do not have built-in estimates, and with one move you have disabled that option for apps too, without prior notifications (or did I miss something)?


Hi @Pawel Niewiadomski from HeroCoders

I understand your frustration. Please ping me on nsturgess at atlassian dot com and let's get you included in the vendor discussions for Next-gen projects. Thanks.



Hi @Nathan Sturgess

where do I find the overview of time tracked? Where is the "Worklog" you mentioned?



@Lukáš Brchl on your issue view:


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Thanks Nathan! I didn't notice that. I have two more questions:

1) How do I get some aggregate view of logged data? Time tracked by a sprint, by a user, etc.

2) Why there is no Work description when Time tracking popup shows up (click to the right sidebar)? But the Work description shows when I try to edit an existing Work log.



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@Nathan Sturgess FYI 2) Seems to be fixed now. The popup now shows the work description.

@Nathan Sturgess How do I get some aggregate view of logged data? Time tracked by a sprint, by a user, etc.

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Hi @Lukáš Brchl

If you can go to you can find documentation and/or raise a support ticket. That way you can get ongoing help with any current or future questions. Thanks mate.



@Nathan Sturgess - Is it possible to require time tracking in an automation rule? I don't see it as a field to generate a condition from, but maybe I am just overlooking it? 

Hi @Leslie Brown

The rule is yet to be built, but I know it is being looked at (as I saw the designs the other day).



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Fantastic news! My team is looking forward to the rule going live. Thank you for confirming. 

@Nathan Sturgess any news on time tracking being a required field?

How do I set the Time Remaining field when bulk-importing CSV of issues e.g. at the start of a project?!?)

@Nathan Sturgess  yes, any update on time tracking being a required field? 

@James Clampett for all the background and updates on this feature please head over here. I want to see this feature available in Jira Software as well! That's why my team worked on this so long ago. 

On that ticket you will see my comment where I gave an explanation on what is going on, also note that I am not the PM that is responsible for the work to unblock that feature. I have always been hustling hard internally to get that work done. I would suggest voting and commenting on the ticket and it supports that case.

Thank you kindly!

6 votes

Hi guys,

I provided an update on regarding delivery:

Sorry guys can't give a deliverable date, but I can say that we are working on it now, it is not a large body of work, we get a lot for free as the fields already exist for the Next-gen projects and the UI element already exists for the issue view. We just need to expose the field type in the UI in Next-gens project settings and handle the interaction with the global time tracking settings/toggle.

Hope that helps.



Wow this is really disappointing

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Hi Nathan, 

Do you have an update on a release yet for this? We just created a nexgen project and we are not going to implement it yet because the Time Tracking field is critical for us.

It seems other customers are asking for it as well.

Is it possible to escalate to the Product Manager to get a sense as to when it can be added to nexgen?

Yes, we cannot migrate until we have Time Tracking and SubTasks at least

It's on the roadmap for coming soon. 

Is there someone who can give an update on timing for this?

Is there a way delete time tracked?

I put in a wrong value and i can only add to it.

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Time tracking is not available in next-gen projects. You can estimate only in Story Points.

Thanks Alexey. Do you know if there's any plan to include it? That stops burndowns then as well I guess.

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You are welcome! You can find next-gen projects road map here:

Time tracking is not in the list.

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That's insane! How can time tracking functionality just be abandoned? 

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So then how does the developer express that they have worked 2 story points on the task ?

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They don't, it doesn't work. That, and many other things you depend on to make JIRA, JIRA. No time tracking, very difficult to create parent / child relationships to tasks / stories. Story points in a story or a task do nothing but sit as numbers, Many times auto linking of tasks in text don't link, like when you type [ISSUE-123] it just stays as text "sometimes". A story or task doesn't even have a story point estimate option unless you dig into it and add it, even then it's a dumb field that does nothing. You'll get a notification in your email that something eventful happened, but when you look on your next gen notifications they are over a week old with no updates!! The worse part is that when you go to make a new project in JIRA you are lulled into "trying" next gen as if it is something that works, when in-fact it's just trello with a JIRA like skin. Please do not use next gen if you care about your professional happiness, it will all go away and you will be very unhappy. The next gen thing is so bad I feel like this company has made a very big place for a competitor to swoop in and create a replacement. Don't use it, its barely beta.

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3 votes
Paweł Gesek Marketplace Partner May 24, 2019

In next-gen projects, the entire backend is there, but it's not exposed by the UI yet. Until it is, you have to resort to using third party apps. Our time reporting app  - Worklogs - Time Reports for Jira -  allows you to log time in any ticket from the timesheet view, including those from next-gen projects.

Zrzut ekranu z 2019-05-24 13-43-40.png




Everyone please go vote and watch the ticket ^. Thanks @Tudor Munteanu 

@Nathan Sturgess Thanks! We are looking forward to this function out of the box!

This will cost Money? Wow nice to take out a feature just to make people pay for it as and Addon.. Not happy.

Hi Chris,

We haven't taken this out, we just haven't built it yet. It is being worked on and is not far off. 



They said a year ago :)

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Hi @John Webster,

As already mentioned, you can use third-party apps to track time in Next-Gen projects. 

Clockwork Automated Timesheets allows tracking time through the Start/Stop timer button or automatically through integration with Jira workflow (timer starts automatically when the issue is In Progress and stops when the issue goes to Open or Done). 

Please see the attached screenshot.


I hope it helps.


Clockwork is a free app at the moment. 

Its newest version offers a Log Work dialog for Next-Gen project (similar to the one  that Jira offers in classic projects):


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It is now possible to log work directly from the issue menu like in classic projects. 

The option is titled "Log time":


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How can we have this update? it's not view-able in my project yet. 


Please make sure that Clockwork is installed and enabled for the project you are looking for.

If it still doesn't work then you can contact support directly at They will help. 


Hi All,

I can able to Log work on both Classic and Next-gen Projects and the problem is when I Log work for 8h in Next-gen Projects it is showing 1d but on classic projects, it is showing 8h and I want to see 8h only like classic projects, there is no separate Time Tracking global settings and I have configured it for 8h.

Any help.

Thank you.

Hi John,

Note, you can still log work using an add-on/app, e.g. Time Reports, see screenshot also.

Screenshot 2019-01-17 at 11.49.37.png

Thank you.


Please note, it is possible to select Time Reports time tracking provider in Jira Settings - Issues - Time tracking - Time Tracking provider for apps Time Reports or Timesheet Reports and Gadgets to have 'Log work' button both in classic and next-gen projects and log work against any issue.


Thank you.

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Time is a key resource in project management - it's so obvious, it sounds stupid to say it. Time is a key resource, full stop. Time is key :) 
Anyway, not providing this feature in the main app and having to rely on 3rd party apps is like buying a bicycle with no wheels.. because, hey, there are so many places from where you can buy wheels!

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Classic project is bicycle with wheels, next-gen is kit. :)

that seems like a trite and unhelpful response Oleksandr. You should be asking yourself if you want people to adopt next-gen projects or not. Even a brief google on the topic shows tons of folks saying the lack of time-tracking is a total blocker to using the next-gen projects. You guys need to admit you got it wrong and then put it right.

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Hi Rich
seems sooner or later it will be implemented. I observe new features of next-gen projects sometimes e.g. worklogs list. But for pioneers who want to implement it just now it is possible to use third-part apps to log time.
To have new feature faster I hope anyone from tons of folks can suggest Atlassian pull request with it and make one a little bit happier ;-). But hope vote for is enough for now.

I have spent time navigating around trying to add time tracking in the web based application because:

1. it is available in the app, and

2. there are numerous articles explaining how to add it. 

THANK YOU for explaining that it is not in fact available in next gen to avoid further time waste. 

Surprised  a core necessary project management feature such as time tracking is not available.. 

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@Andriy Zhdanov , I installed the Time Reports addon, I've "Worklogs" under project sidebar but still there is no "Log work done" option - as it is on your screenshot" in ticket view - I've only 'add attachment', 'Link issue' and '...'
Could you help me please?

Hi Fritz,


You may need to switch to Time Reports provided time tracking in Jira Settings - Issues - Time Tracking, though there should be Log Time option provided by default Jira provided time tracking already.

Thank you.

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