Strange Workflow Behaviour

Nyenty_ Tabe April 5, 2024

Hi there,

A customer approached me with strange behaviour within his Workflow. He configured a trigger that should transition when a Pull Request (Github) has been created. But the transition tab shows the transition name as "unknown" for some reason. Adding to that the status transitioned to itself whereas that step wasn´t configured. He had a global transition on the closed status.

MF-904 JSU.pngMF-History.pngMF-904.png

MF workflow.png

So I assumed based on the following

Trigger Error.png

that this might be the cause.

But he created a new Workflow without any global transition and the behaviour persists.

Test-Item His..pngTest-Item Trans. Ex4Jira.pngTest-Item WF.png


I am currently clueless as to what might be the cause. I have also reached out to Atlassian so far nothing promising from their end.

Does anyone has and idea, hint or solution?



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