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Story point estimate field not available


The built-in field (so not custom as I can't change the name of it) "Story point estimate" is not being recognised in any automations. Is there a way to fix this or, alternatively, is there a way for me to set the value I want in that field automatically using JSON?

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Hi @Kristine Lurane 

What problem are you trying to solve by doing this?

I ask, as you note using a Company-managed project (CMP), and those use the "Story points" field.  The Team-managed projects (TMP) use the "Story point estimate" field.  All of the built-in handling and reporting of story points for the project types match those field uses.

Kind regards,

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Vikrant Yadav Community Leader Aug 15, 2022

Hi @Kristine Lurane  You can do this easily using following json code in Additional fields :- 

Set Story point estimate.PNG

"fields": {
"Story point estimate" : 100

@Vikrant Yadav Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, it still seems to not recognise the field. I have a feeling this might be an issue with jira overall because this is not a field I've created.

Annotation 2022-08-15 145001.png

Vikrant Yadav Community Leader Aug 15, 2022

@Kristine Lurane  Have you checked in custom fields that "Story point estimate" field is available in system and locked. 

Are you using Team Managed Project or Company Managed Project ? 

Is "Story Point Estimate" field available on Create/Edit Screen or not ?

@Vikrant Yadav I believe it's a Company Managed one. I just asked our IT department to check what you mentioned. They're still looking for the screen section, but the field is indeed available in the system and locked.

image (1).png

@Vikrant Yadav Oh I've just spotted that it doesn't say numerical field. Could that be the issue? 

Vikrant Yadav Community Leader Aug 15, 2022

@Kristine Lurane  Field type is correct. 
Are you able to see field on create screen like when clicking on create button able to see field on screen ? Mean manually are you able to add value in Sprint point estimate field. 

Vikrant Yadav Community Leader Aug 15, 2022

@Kristine Lurane  If you are project admin, if possible kindly go to Project Setting >> Issue >> Screens >> Open Create and Edit screen and check field is on screen or not. 

@Kristine Lurane, as suggested by @Bill Sheboy, the story point estimate is only used/available to Team Manage Projects (Next-Gen), while story points are used by Company Managed Projects.

You're getting that error because that field isn't available on your screen, and your project is company-managed. 

If you still wish to use the story point estimate field, you might have to liaise with your Jira Administrator and make you a new project. However, if using story points, which is the corresponding field in company-managed projects, is sufficient, then you should be fine using the listed fields in the automation dropdown for story points.

I hope this helps.

Vikrant Yadav Community Leader Aug 15, 2022

Hi @Francis Batilo  @Bill Sheboy  I am not completely agree with you, "Story Point Estimate" is available for both Company and Team Managed project.

Yes, In Team Managed project by Default "Story Point estimate" present on screen while in Company Managed Scrum project field "Story Point and Story Point estimate" not available on screen by default, We need to add field on screen. If both are for same purpose, user can use any of the field. 


Project Name.PNGStory Poimnt Estimate.PNG

@Vikrant Yadav @Bill Sheboy @Francis Batilo Thank you, Vikrant, for showing me exactly where to check this. I'm using a team-managed one as it turns out so according to all of you the story point estimate should be working.

And, yes, when I go to create a card the story point estimate field is there, if that is what you meant. The one other thing that might be useful to note is that we use story point estimates on subtasks, not just the parent card and epics because that is the default setting. However, I did get IT to change it so that they work on every issue type:

image (3).png

Vikrant Yadav Community Leader Aug 16, 2022

@Kristine Lurane  Thanks for confirming that you are using Team Managed project. In Team Managed project , project admin can add remove fields from Issue types :-

Go to project settings >> Click "Issue Types" >> For each Issue types you see the set of fields available on screen like Description , Assignee etc, if field is not available you can drag that field from Right side panel and drop that field under Context field section. 

Click Issue Type.PNG

field on screen.png

@Vikrant Yadav Oh yeah, I did check this and it's there and everything looks correct. We do use the story point estimate on the board; it works. It just doesn't want to be put into an automation it seems. 

Vikrant Yadav Community Leader Aug 16, 2022

@Kristine Lurane  Are you applying correct Action ( "Edit Issue Field") ? I am not able to reproduce the same issue . Is it possible for you to share the your complete Automation screenshot, so that we can check?

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Vikrant Yadav Community Leader Aug 20, 2022

Hi @Kristine Lurane  I have created a similar automation, it's working fine ..Story point estimate is updating. Check out below video link :-


Create Issue.PNG

@Vikrant Yadav Firstly, thank you so much for all your help with this. Unfortunately, mine is still showing up with this: 

Annotation 2022-08-22 151033.png

It won't even let me make the automation live because of it. I'm starting to think there isn't a solution to this, so if I should now somehow close this question then please let me know. Thanks again.

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