Status disallows comments, how to re-enable on workflow transition screen?

I have my "Done" issue status set to disallow further adding of comments, attachments and editing by users except administrators. This is to prevent users from doing any further work on completed issues.

To allow for work to be done on an issue we want users to explicitly reopen the issue to do that.

Now, I have a transition screen configured to assign the issue to somebody and usually there's also a comment field there. But since I set up the "Done" status to disallow comments, it's missing.

I used this helpful tutorial to set up the restrictions in the first place. But I can't find a comprehensive list of the set of permissions I can actually manipulate via workflow properties.

Can I re-enable comments just during the transition phase so a reason can be given as to why the issue was reopened?

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I'm afraid you can't do that.  The problem is the way the workflow properties apply.  The issue is in status X, so the properties for that state apply until the status changes, which happens after the comment is made.

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