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Show my @mention's?

We've recently upgraded to JIRA5

With the new @mentions feature, we get email notifications when mentioned.

I thought I saw a way to display these on the dashboard but I can't find any way - and that seems really odd not to be able to

So - is there any way to display on my dashboard my most recent mentions? (where I was the one being @mention'ed)

11 answers

Try this 

(summary ~ currentUser() OR description ~ currentUser() OR comment ~ currentUser()) and updatedDate >= -7d

Works like a charm. Thanks

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worked like a charm. Thanks!

@Tech QA Abdulqadir Taiyeb - Where do you put this string to get the result that's working for others?

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I figured it out. Does the "updatedDate >= -7d" mean that this should show anything updated within the last 7 days? Do I need to add something to this piece of the formula? It seems to be showing me EVERYTHING

Go to manage filters, click on all issues, you will see a search bar, copy paste  and enter. You can save this as your own filter.

Yes. Those should be all the issues you were mentioned in the past few days.

This will show you every ticket which is updated in last 7 days. Try change the days in the end if you want past 1d or something.

Works like a charm. Thanks~

@Jessica Rowan I reduced the number of results by adding AND resolution = 'Unresolved' to filter out Won't Do, Fixed, and other tickets.

So cool... works.. thanks

Unfortunately this doesn't work. Using just this part:

comment ~ currentUser() and updatedDate >= -7d

Includes issues which don't mention me - I can't tell why they're included at all.

Hopefully will expose a way of allowing this soon - they've just made it available as a list in the notifications visible in Jira cloud.

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great solution. Thank you!

This JQL code doesn't work anymore I guess :/


the filter doesn't show us anymore the currentUser mentions, and we don't know how to fix it.

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Perfect! thank you.

I to am also receiving nothing from this JQL search, even though I know I am mentioned in at least 2 different tickets.

I have tried removing the time modifier off it and attempted each part separately (i.e. comment ~ currentUser()), but no luck.

Does anyone else know if this has changed with the latest release of the Cloud Version?As this is still the main thread that comes up when searching for a solution.


::EDIT:: It looks like the ~ operator is no longer supported for currentUser():

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Works poorly for me. It shows a ticket from 3 months ago with the 7 day filter, and if I remove the updatedAt portion, it shows me everything up until a few months ago. Nothing from the last few months. 

I just noticed that in the bottom of the left sidebar, there is a bell that is for notifications from your team (I thought that was notifications from Jira about updates). 

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Is there a solution for this with the current version of JIRA yet? Big need...

The query below does not work for me?

(summary ~ currentUser() OR description ~ currentUser() OR comment ~ currentUser()) and updatedDate >= -7d

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Hi All,

If you're using Jira Cloud, this current solution doesn't appear to work. There is an alternative I found (aside from the Notifications section). Whilst it isn't a direct replacement as it's per user rather than logged in user - you could try:

  1. Click on your user icon in the bottom-left corner and select "Profile"
  2. You'll need your User ID - this is the long alphanumeric sequence after "/people/" in your URL bar - copy and paste this
  3. Go to the issue search page and press "Switch to JQL" if in basic search mode
  4. Now in the search bar, put in "comment  ~ <<your User UD>>" and press Search

^ Seems to do the trick.

Remember if you do add the "UpdatedDate" part - this isn't just comments made within the last 7 days, it's any update made to the issue.


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This JQL can be interpreted as "show me issues, that have been updated during past 7 days if they have comments, that mention me". This means you might have been mentioned ages ago in the issue, that is currently being worked on - and it would still fall in the filter output.

To my knowledge, as of April 2020 there is no addon-free solution for this.

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Hi @Vitalii Hladiienko 

This is true regardless of the above JQL.

You can't search via commented date at this stage - you're right, you'd need to search using an add-on such as ScriptRunner


@Stephen Wright _Elabor8_ - then in cloud version is there any way to see comments where I am mentioned?

Hi @dianna 

Yes - the option I mentioned a few comments up.


This is how I did it:  Create a new search, in Text search field I just put the @[MyUsername].   I can use other parameters also, like unresolved, date paramters, etc.   and it shows me everything I am mentioned in.   I then use the Filter results gadget on my dashboard to show me every mention that I want to see.

Peter Snell's suggestion works pretty well on JRA-31541 :
If you enter text ~ "@<enterusername>" in the Advanced Searching, it should give you what you need.

This doesn't work for me - possibly because we do not have the necessary version of Jira?

Would be so useful to have this as part of the stream gadget. 

This works for me:

  • (comment ~ "@enterusername" OR description ~ "@enterusername") AND resolution = Unresolved


  • text ~ "@enterusername" --> is good!

The best:

  • text ~ currentUser() --> is perfect!
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Such feature is not available at the moment so I have raised this ticket requesting it.

I'd strongly suggest you to vote and comment on it to raise its awareness and also add yourself as a watcher for following further updates.


Nothing to vote and comment on. The issue is closed coz "it is not something we will prioritise on our roadmap in the next few years". What? Why? Managing notifications through emails is incredibly tedious for a whole number of reasons. I am sure this feature would be very useful for a great many users.

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I totally agree Anton! The email pile created by JIRA notifications is super inefficient. No one in my office is wading through them anymore, making mentions totally ineffective

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OK, so if this is not being prioritised... How can we find what we have been mentioned in?

I don't appear to have any emails or notifications telling me that someone has mentioned me in a ticket. Nor do I have an easy way of filtering tickets to show those I have been mentioned in.

I love the idea of having mentions but unless we can filter by them or get to them quickly does it not make them redundant?

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I agree! I need to just see the comments! 

text ~ currentUser()

That was the gem for me.

You can try this plugin:

It will filter those ticket you were mentioned in, and haven't replied, based on time when you were mentioned, not when ticket was last time updated. 

If I have marked a ticket as "Replied", and somebody @mentions me again, does the ticket show up again in my filter? Can i then mark it replied again?

Yes, it will be registered as new unreplied mention in this ticket. And you can reply or mark it again as "Replied"

Hey. I'm new here. I saw that the query brings more results if you try to search for the accountid in parallel with the currentUser())

(comment ~ currentUser()) ORDER BY updated DESC - brings 20 results
(comment ~ "accountid:123e8w8q09q9q99w992ie") or (comment ~ currentUser()) ORDER BY updated DESC - brings 100 results 

You can identify the account ID if you edit a comment where you were tagged.

I'll try to identify if these 100 results are actually all the tags I had in this project and come back.

Nevertheless, it's a workaround and it can be used only for one user at the time, where as the currentUser()) could've been used in a dynamic dashboard for any team member. 

Thanks Abdulqadir, this is great, worked like a charm. 

This 'works' - the problem is that if someone mentioned you on a comment 5 weeks ago, and anyone else updates the ticket in any way, it shows back up on the list.

So, while this is a bandaid for seeing tickets where you were mentioned, it does not give support for a convenient way to grab attention when you have recently been mentioned in a new ticket, because this filter is just noise now.

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Exactly. Well for now i am using rules in my outlook. I've created a rule there, anyone mentions me that email is diverted in another folder. So for now i am keeping track that way. I hope Jira finds a way out for this. either notifications or something? 

Oh yeah they have this notification thing in their Jira app though. 

Agree with Patrick and Tech QA... this is clunky. I REALLY want to know when  NEW @mention is created ... I don't want to see the issue in my filter, if the same issue is updated and I just happened to have an @mention in the issue from some time in the past.

Just arrived at this issue myself.

Annoying the iOS app has a tab for recent mentions but the desktop cloud version doesn't 😣.

Have tried creating a dashboard gadget as advised by Atlassian here /Jira-questions/My-At-Mention-notifications-are-in-the-iOS-app-Where-are-these/

Will feed back how successful it is.

How is the result Mark? This can be very nice feature even for the default usage.

Ridiculously late reply, sorry.

I don't think I ever got the above to work quite how I liked but the good news is that the notifications view (bell icon) in the sidebar fulfils our needs nicely.

Oh well, I said it works earlier, but sorry it doesnt work in a correct way.

It shows some mentions, not all!  @Tech QA Abdulqadir Taiyeb 

The above solutions is not working well.

There is a feature request for it.

Please vote for it.

Its working, as suggested by Stephen_Wright

you could try:

  1. Click on your user icon in the bottom-left corner and select "Profile"
  2. You'll need your User ID - this is the long alphanumeric sequence after "/people/" in your URL bar - copy and paste this
  3. Go to the issue search page and press "Switch to JQL" if in basic search mode
  4. Now in the search bar, put in "comment  ~ <<your User UD>>" and press Search

^ Seems to do the trick.

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This doesn't seem to work, I've just tested it with my user id. I'm unable to see a mention I just received in the search results...

Hi @Mike James 

What is the JQL you're utilising for this?


So I've just tried this @Mike James with the following:


"Request participants" = currentUser() OR comment ~ 5e95bd3963acd40c3f8b7d50 ORDER BY created DESC


Where the character string is my ID from the URL in my profile


This shows any issues where I am a participant or where I am mentioned

This worked for me and we use cloud service. Great solution!

I use: lastCommentedDate >= endOfDay(-7) and comment ~ "my_account_id"

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