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Julien Béchade January 11, 2023


I would you go about sending a list of issues per assignee and per week across all projects in JIRA/JSM.
I'm having a hard time figuring that one out without creating issue filters but that would defeat the purpose of the automation if I have to create a filter for every new user though.

Any help is appreciated.




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Ste Wright
Community Leader
Community Leader
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January 11, 2023

Hi @Julien Béchade 

I do think an Issue Filter with a Subscription would be easiest.

You can create a dynamic filter, that provides the results based on the user who is logged in, so you'll only need one filter -  not one filter per user. This uses a function called currentUser().


To do this...

  • Go to Filters > Advanced Issue Search
  • Switch to JQL
  • Create a Filter which has a dynamic set of results - for example, to find open issues assigned to a user, the JQL might be....
    • assignee = currentUser() and statusCategory != Done
  • Set the Columns to be the fields you want to include in the email
  • Once you're happy with the query - save the filter
  • Once saved, press Details
  • In the pop-up, select New subscription
    • For Recipients, send it to a user Group with all the relevant users in
    • Set the Schedule/Settings - and press Subscribe


Users should then receive an email per day with their assigned issues from this one filter.

Whilst you can do this via Automation, this is the native feature for this.


Just to note - you can also provide this view within Jira itself, either...

  • Through the Your Work option in the top navigation bar
  • Create a Dashboard, and create a Filter Gadget based on the dynamic filter above


Let us know what you think :)


Julien Béchade January 11, 2023

Hi @Stephen Wright _Elabor8_  and thanks for your help!

I did not think about subscription at all and I'll explore that solution further, thanks!

However, I need to be able to customize the email, order the different tasks per project and status, etc. and that does not seem to be possible with subscription. My Google research led me to that issue from the automation team so it seems to be in the pipeline to be able to work further on the `lookupIssues` object.

Again, thanks for your help!



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Ste Wright
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
January 11, 2023

Hi @Julien Béchade 

You can order the Tasks per Project, per Status by using the ORDER BY function in JQL - but they'd still be in just one list.

For example...

assignee = currentUser() ORDER BY project ASC, statusCategory ASC

...would provide the results ordered by Project (in alphabetical order), then by Status Category (To Do Statuses, In Progress Statuses, Done Statuses).


If you're going to use Automation so you can customise the body of the email - it could be quite complex.

Some of it is relatively simple - for example - you can use a Scheduled Trigger to send the email once a week. But you would need:

  • Multiple Lookup Issues Actions
  • A method to store each Lookup to use in the final email - eg. Variables
  • A way to display the mulitple Lookups/Variables on the email in an easily digestible format

This would need some research and quite a bit of testing to get right, I think.


I do think though if you're going to create custom views based on Projects, Statuses, etc - it'd be far easier/better to use Dashboards. 

It will make creating filtered lists and displaying them easier, it will be real-time, and there are multiple gadgets which could help summarise information for users - for example...

  • Two Dimensional Statistics Filter Gadget
  • Pie Chart Gadget
  • Filter Results Gadget
  • ...etc

You can see a summary of what gadgets are available in Jira Software on this help page.

Note: You could still send an email using Automation each week - and just link to this Dashboard each time!


Another alternative might be to have a Confluence Page, and using the Jira Issues Macro, and the Jira Charts Macro, to segment your data.


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Julien Béchade January 11, 2023

Hi @Stephen Wright _Elabor8_ ,

The requirements for the weekly digest is email because the public is new to JIRA/JSM and is primarily using email so dashboard wouldn't be an optimal solution.

But subscription looks like a good candidate before the CodeBarrel team implement a meaningful way to work further on the `lookupIssues` data. I realized that it would be overly complicated to use automation at the moment to achieve my goal.

Thanks for your help!



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Ed Bergavera
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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April 23, 2024

@Stephen Wright _Elabor8_ 


It worked! Is it possible to customize the body of the email?

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