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Ayush Pathak April 25, 2024

I am curious if it's possible to toggle the screen based on specific fields. For example, if the 'Access Type' field has certain options in its dropdown menu, we know we can adjust the screen for the 'Issue Type' field accordingly but I am wondering if we can do the same for a separate field. That's my question.

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Chris C_ April 25, 2024

I don't think you can change the screen like that. But if you use the Forms (ProForma forms, not the request type "form") you can have conditional blocks that only display when specific options are chosen elsewhere.

For example, we have a local support form with drop down field that asks the user what their issue is related to. If they choose Hardware, then a section is shown that asks about the hardware in question and the issue with it, and if they'd like to request a replacement. If they choose Software, then a completely different section is shown asking software specific questions.

You can have sections that be shown for multiple choices, but not from multiple fields. I have a use case for field-A OR field-B kind of situation, but the conditional sections don't work that way (yet)

Ayush Pathak April 26, 2024

Thankyou for your response. could you please tell me the way step by step how to do this.

Chris C_ April 26, 2024

Yeah sure no problem.
edit: these screens are from Project Settings > Forms

2024-04-26 10.32.01 8385bf5dff1d.jpg


so there's some choices the "customer" has to make, or the agent or whomever this form is for. At the top right of the form builder screen you pick "Add Section" to add those section lines, then you can add logic to them.

2024-04-26 10.34.04 2e44086b0e9f.jpg

The (3) choice field and the date picker are only shown if they choice True or Other.
Anything after the other section you see is is only shown if they choose False.
Doing it like this is the end of the form, but if you wanted them to be like this in the middle of the form, with other stuff after them which should not be conditionally shown based on the "buttons yay!" field, then you would add a section and leave it at default "Always". That makes the conditional stuff above it stop at that point. You can continue having more conditional sections that cascade from "buttons yay!" if you need to. 

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