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Reports for time inconsistent cases

Hello all the Jira experts. Please advise, Can't find solutions for the following cases:

1. What a report that shows in a clear way the case where the team member changes  remaining time (sub-task type) only, not reporting the time spent at all. I.e. in Time tracking part we see "Estimated" and "Remaining" that is being changed a few times. But never "Logged" 

2. What a report that shows in a clear way that during a sprint an Estimation was changed, e.g. Original estimate = 10h, Current estimate was changed to = 12h or 8h?

3. What a report that shows in a clear way that during a sprint a team member logged more than was estimated. E.g. Estimated = 5h, but logged 8h?

4. What a report that shows the time spent by assignee in certain period. E.g. in last 24h an assignee spent 4h, not all hours from the beginning of the sprint? Workload pie shows these hours only in cumulative way. E.g. in spite of only 4h spent in the last 24h it shows 18h, that all hours the assignee spent from the start of the sprint.

Thank you in advance 

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Hello @Yury M 

Welcome to the community.

For #3 you can get the information with a JQL filter. "workRatio" tracks the percentage relationship between Original Estimate and Time Spent. When workRatio is greater than 100, more time has been logged than the Original Estimate. The JQL is:



Jira does not provide very much functionality to query and report on the time tracking fields or historic changes to issue fields. You will need to look at third party apps to get sophisticated time tracking reports and history searching.


For #4 I believe this third party app would work. I used this app before and found it easy to use.

Thank you Trudy for the answer, yes workratio works in a search result, but is there a report where I can use it and the result could be presented pie/bar like view?

What are to metrics you would want your pie of bar chart to present?

The generic Pie Chart gadget natively available for the Jira Dashboard will take a Save Filter as input and create pie wedges for counts of issues based on grouping for values in another field, like Assignee.

You can get a two dimensional table output based on a saved filter also.

Jira does not natively support a generic bar chart based on a saved filter.

@Trudy Claspill e.g. exceeding % per an assignee 

Hello @Yury M 

You said you want to timebox this by looking at the information that indicates "during a sprint a team member logged more time than was estimated." Note that workRatio does not look at when the time was logged or by whom. If you have more than one person logging time on an issue, or time logged on the issue before the sprint started, that will all be included in the workRatio value.

What exactly do you mean by "exceeding %"?

Are you trying to figure out by how much they are exceeding the estimations, or on how many issues they are exceeding estimations?

Hello @Trudy Claspill 

It is a perfect case - to have this info (how much they are exceeding the estimations and how many issues they are exceeding) in one chart :) But at least a pie chart with exceeding % figures by assignee.

Jira does not natively provide a generic bar chart report/gadget where you can specify the metrics to plug in.

The pie chart gadget is very simple. It will divide the pie based on the grouping statistic you specify, but it allows you to specify only one grouping statistic. And the wedges of the pie will be based on counts of issues in those groups. If you hover over a wedge the percentage of that wedge in the whole pie will be shown.

So, with some work additional work you might be able to produce a pie chart for one assignee that grouped their issues by those that exceed a 100% work ratio and those that don't exceed 100%.  I'm not positive it could be done without actually doing the work myself.

At this point, given the variety of reports that you want to produce, I recommend that you begin evaluating the third party apps for reporting that are available in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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