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Sonja Altmann May 15, 2024

Hi brainstrust

We have a structure where we have a JPD Idea which is implemented by delivery features, that are parents to delivery epics, which have children.  The JPD idea sometimes might be linked to a JSM ticket which has subtasks.

I would like to find all time that is logged with Tempo time sheets on all issues (including subtasks) 

Is that possible?

Note:  here is a diagram of the structure of tickets.
The first two are "JPD" projects, so there is no time on them. 
Everything under JAC4-4 could have time applied to the issues (including sub-tasks).


I tried: 

issue in linkedIssues("IDEA-1209")

That just returns JAC4-4

When I tried: 

issue in linkedIssues("JAC4-4")

It returns - IDEA-1209, FEAT-303, DISCOVERY-3

When I tried:

issue in linkedIssues("FEAT-303")

It returns: JAC4-4, CAI-5197, CORE-4371, DIG-15912 but not the subtasks.

I am not very experienced with JQL, so would appreciate any guidance thanks.

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Hannes Obweger - JXL for Jira
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May 17, 2024

Hi @Sonja Altmann

this is certainly an advanced setup that you have here. I've seen attempt to sum up values across issue hierarchies using Jira Automation (see e.g. this for reference), but not (yet) across a hierarchy like yours.

If you're open to solutions from the Atlassian Marketplace, there's a number of apps available that can help with summing up data across hierarchies. E.g., you may want to have a look at the app that my team and I are working on, JXL for Jira.

JXL is a full-fledged spreadsheet/table view for your issues that allows viewing, inline-editing, sorting, and filtering by all your issue fields, much like you’d do in e.g. Excel or Google Sheets. It also comes with a number of advanced features, including support for sum-ups, as well as (configurable) issue hierarchies. These issue hierarchies in JXL can be based on Jira's built-in parent/child relationships (like epic/story, and story/sub-task), and/or based on issue links of configurable issue link types. As every JXL sheet is based on a JQL statement (or filter), and thus can pull in any number of issues across any number of projects, you can model a cross-JPD/JSM/JSW view in just a couple of clicks.

E.g., this is a somewhat simplified version of what you're looking for:


In this example, JPD ideas relate to epics via issue links. We're summing up e.g. story points, but you could also easily sum up the Time spent field, which, I believe, contains any time logs done via Tempo.

Given the complexity of your setup, there'd be a few more things to say about how to set it all up - but if the above looks interesting, perhaps give it a try, and if it looks to be an option for you, we're here to help.

Any questions just let me know,



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