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Jason Sacks April 11, 2024

My organization has thousands of Jira Boards which were created over the last few years. Many of them have been used for ad-hoc or duplicate boards to test scenarios. They often have names like "Copy of Board ABC" or "Test Board ABC."

I've been asked to help identify Board Names which contain the names Copy or Test.

Is there a way to identify such Board Names using JQL? If not, is there a workaround to get these results which someone can suggest? There are likely several hundred examples of this issue so copy/pasting from the UI results page would be a large amount of work.

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Trudy Claspill
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April 11, 2024

Hello @Jason Sacks 

JQL is designed to retrieve issues, not boards, so you can't use JQL to try to identify the boards.

You could go to the Boards list and enter Copy or enter Test in the search field to find boards that contain the keyword in their name.


You could use the REST API to retrieve information from boards based on a partial match of the board name.



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