Possibility to edit sprint "End Date" via Script Runner

Bettina January 26, 2023

Hi there, 

I have searched very intensively for an option to edit the Sprint "End date" for and Sprint. But I could not find a solution to my problem by means of Script Runner (or UI...) as I am an JIRA Admin, but have no access to the JIRA DB.

My problem is, that I had a closed Sprint (which was complete on 01/dec/22) and I was reopening it today for some testing purposes, and I closed it also today. I want to revert the date for "Ended" from today to the "Planned End date", as it is screwing up the Velocity Chart evaluation.


Now the velocity chart display is putting the Sprint 000 on the end of the timeline, but it should of course be before Sprint 001


I have found already this article:

But as I am not able to work on the DB itself, I wanted to fix this by Script Runner. Can someone help me with this?

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