Patching Jira custom field through API does nothing

ליאור בראודה May 21, 2023

Hello everyone, hope you are having a good day :)

We have written a script to update(patch) the value of a customfield on issues in our self managed instance. The script is written in Python and uses requests in order to send the API call.

We are using the following endpoint with the patch method:[issueid]

We ran the script against various projects... this usually works, aside from three projects against which even making the API request through postman results in no changes.

Does anyone have any ideas on why we are unable to make the patch against a select few projects? (there are about 3 of them).

The same API request works against project JOMO for example while it does nothing against project MOJO. Both receive a response of 204.

We appreciate any help 🙏 

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Craig Nodwell
Community Leader
Community Leader
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May 21, 2023

Hi @ליאור בראודה do those projects have any validators or conditions within their workflows that could prevent an issue update?  Is there anything in the permission scheme in those projects that may prevent an issue update.  Custom field configuration set for those projects.
You might want to check that.

ליאור בראודה May 22, 2023

Hey there Craig :)

Thank you very much for your suggestion! Unfortunately however, it turns out that neither of the three projects have any validators or conditions. 

Do you have any other ideas? We are stumped :(

Thank you in advance 🙏 

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