Our Marketing Dept is looking to purchase AirTable and we would like them to use Jira.

Michael Galper February 1, 2024

Our Marketing Dept is looking to purchase AirTable and we would like them to use Jira. We would like to try to get them to use Jira instead.  

I know Jira will work for them as far as worklflows are concerned, but they are also liking for Digital Asset management (DAM). 


below, is a high-level workflow and basic D.A.M features list which covers both project management and digital assets management…


Campaign Workflow

  1. Request received from Stakeholder (Requestor)
  2. Content Development (web or print)
    1. Draft Copy
    2. Design
    3. Marketing/CX Review
    4. Requestor/SME/Proofreading Review
  3. Data Development (email campaign)
    1. Select Audience
    2. Create & Clean List
    3. Link to Creative
  4. Prep for Deployment and/or build page in CMS
  5. Deploy Campaign and/or Launch Web Material
  6. Post Deployment/Implementation
    1. Evaluate Metrics
    2. Report on Results
    3. Walkthrough content replacement
    4. Integration with email clients


Digital Asset Management (DAM) features:

From an “access” view we’re interested in the features available for supporting various content including public (participants), internal sales (public/private), web site (embedded / gated), and internal (private).


Other types of content the team may be interested in discussing would include…


  1. General Assets – photos, images, fonts? These can come from email Campaigns, Landing Pages, Microsites, Social Media, Webinars, etc.
  2. Flyers for sales rep to share with prospects or clients via email, print, inMail, etc.
  3. Web content – will it integrate with Optimizely asset manager?
  4. PDF Forms/AIFs/Instructions downloadable and possibly assembled according to state, etc.
  5. Sharing Templates/Content Blocks/components (?) from website to microsites, third party sites.
  6. Survey style questionnaires
  7. Gated content via password or form
  8. Autogenerating between PM and DAM

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Mark Segall
Community Leader
Community Leader
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February 1, 2024

Hi @Michael Galper - You're correct that Jira can solve the workflow/tracking needs.  However, the DAM requirements would be a stretch given the closest thing Atlassian provides on that front is Confluence and even then, it would simply be pages with attachments.  However, I don't see airtable solving for those needs either. 

While I'm one of the biggest Atlassian fanboys out there, I'm also pragmatic when it comes to fitting the right tool for the job. Combined with capturing the specific needs of Marketing, I would also evaluate cross-functional needs... Does the Marketing team input/output need to integrate with other teams?  If the answer is NO, let them find a proper DAM (airTable is not that) as many also provide the activity tracking.  If the answer is YES, then I would seek out a DAM that meets their requirements and has native integrations with Jira. In a quick search of the Jira marketplace it looks like Brandfolder has an app.  Note - I only cite that as an example as I have no experience with the app or Brandfolder as a solution other than it being a top-10 option for DAM.

Michael Galper February 1, 2024

Hi Mark, Thanks for your feedback and confirmation.  On the DAM function I will do more digging to see if the are other app. 

The marketing team has stated they would like to grant access to external companies to add content to their campaigns, this will be a concern with our legal and Info Sec folks no matter what product they choose.   


Thanks, Mike

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Atlassian Team
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April 17, 2024

Hi @mic! I'm a product manager working on Jira and I'm actively researching the needs of Marketing departments when it comes to managing work. I would love to speak to someone in your marketing department if they would be keen to give me some of their time! You can email me on eryan@atlassian.com



Michael Galper April 18, 2024

Hi Eoin, 

Thanks for reaching out, I will pass this along to them.  Unfortunately, they went ahead with Airtable because they needed a DAM solution, and we were not able to get them it in a short period of time without purchasing an add-on and, additional resources and Jira licenses to configure it.  

Thanks, Mike

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Marketplace Partner
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February 1, 2024

Hi @Michael Galper 

It's Mary from Planyway for Jira 

Integrating Digital Asset Management (DAM) with project management tools like Jira presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The campaign workflow and DAM features you've outlined indicate a comprehensive and detailed approach to managing marketing campaigns, from conception through to execution and review. Here’s how Jira, supplemented by additional tools or plugins if necessary, can be tailored to meet these needs:

1. Campaign Workflow Adaptation in Jira

Jira can effectively manage the campaign workflow you described through its customizable boards, workflows, and issue types. Here’s a brief overview of how each step can be integrated:

  • Request Received from Stakeholder: Utilize Jira issues to capture requests. Custom fields can be created to gather all necessary information upfront.
  • Content to Deployment Stages: Each stage of the content development and deployment process can be represented as a status in a Jira workflow. Custom workflows can include statuses for "Content Development," "Draft Copy," "Design," and all subsequent stages.
  • Evaluate Metrics & Report on Results: Jira’s integration capabilities with analytics tools (through plugins or APIs) can help track campaign performance. Reporting dashboards can be configured to visualize key metrics.
  • Integration with Email Clients: While Jira doesn’t natively integrate with email clients for deploying campaigns, it can track the preparation and execution stages. For direct integration, third-party tools or custom integrations may be required.

2. Digital Asset Management (DAM) Features in Jira

Jira alone does not specialize in DAM but can be extended through integrations with dedicated DAM tools or by utilizing marketplace add-ons designed for asset management. Here's how you can address the outlined DAM features:

  • General Assets Management: Consider integrating Jira with a dedicated DAM system. This allows for tracking the creation, approval, and use of assets directly within Jira workflows.
  • Integration with CMS and Optimizely: While Jira does not directly integrate with these platforms for content management, third-party tools or custom API integrations can bridge this gap.
  • PDF Forms and Gated Content: For complex document management and gated content, integrating Jira with a tool that specializes in content management or using webhooks to connect with services that handle these requirements could be beneficial.
  • Sharing Templates and Survey Questionnaires: Utilize Confluence, Atlassian’s collaboration tool, alongside Jira. Confluence can store and manage templates, content blocks, and support survey creation through various add-ons.

3. Bridging the Gap with Add-Ons and Integrations

To fully meet the DAM requirements, consider leveraging Jira’s ecosystem of add-ons and integrations. For example:

  • Marketplace DAM Add-Ons: Search the Atlassian Marketplace for DAM solutions that integrate directly with Jira. Also, I'd consider Planyway for a marketing use-case as the app focuses on the content planning and managing marketing teams.
  • Custom Integrations: Use Jira’s API to create custom integrations with existing DAM tools or services like Optimizely.

4. Advocating for Jira

To encourage the Marketing Department to adopt Jira:

  • Demonstrate Flexibility: Showcase Jira’s adaptability in mirroring the desired workflow and managing digital assets through integrations and add-ons.
  • Highlight Collaboration Features: Emphasize how Jira facilitates collaboration across teams, centralizes communication, and streamlines the review process.
  • Compare Costs and Efficiency: Illustrate the potential cost savings and efficiency gains from using a unified platform for project management and DAM.
Michael Galper February 2, 2024

Thanks Maria.  I will pass this along to the marketing dept. 

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