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Next Gen Projects - Board with multiple projects?

I really love the new roadmap feature. Unfortunately, many of the boards we use contain issues across multiple projects. Is there any way to adjust the filter of issues in next gen projects to show issues across multiple projects? 

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It is not possible yet.

:( This makes the next-gen boards and their nice new roadmap feature unusable for my team. 

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Agreed. This would be an awesome feature if there was a way to spin up Next-Gen Boards to add a filter to and have the visibility across multiple projects. Does anyone know if there is a plan to roll this out in the near future?

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Agreed, I cannot use next-gen projects without the ability to have multiple projects on a single board. 

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Deleted user Dec 03, 2018

Stink, I was hoping to do this as well.  Back to Kanban boards I guess ...

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Same here.  Please make this happen.

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Next-gen projects need a bit more work to make it a bit more interesting. I like the simplicity of it, plus the roadmap really helps. It will be great to see the ability to combine multiple projects to a single roadmap. 

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I've expressed this elsewhere in the community, but this is so huge for me, too, that dropping my 2c in this thread as well!  Can't get this feature fast enough!

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I vote for this as well!

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I love next-gen boards and can't wait to start using them... when they'll support multiple project.  Until then, Next-gen is basically useless to our organization.

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I'm somewhat reassured by "Priority: Highest".

just discovered this issue the hard way and it sucks

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2 projects, 1 board.

Please! Please! Please!

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Holy geez. I can't believe this isn't a feature. Totally hamstrings Jira for us.

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We need this for our team too

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It seems to work fine for me if I create a new Scrum board using a filter.  For example, I have two different Next Gen projects with project keys:  PFW, PPIW

If I create a filter using this query:  project in (pfw, ppiw)

This returns all of the tickets in those projects.  Then I can create a new Scrum Board based on this filter, and those tickets are coming in as expected.

What's a little goofy is that the Columns settings in this newly created board has all of the different column labels/names for each board in the filter even though they are the same.  So it looks like this:


It does seem to be working as expected, though.

Deleted user Feb 06, 2019

What you are describing works, however I believe the original poster was wanting to use the roadmap feature and I don't believe what you are describing will help them with that.


The reason your columns have duplicate statuses is because this allows you to map the same status in different projects to different columns in your new board.  I've never needed to do this but I can imagine a scenario where it might be quite useful.

I'm using the roadmaps at the individual project level, and then I have a board that includes all projects.  Yes, I would love to see a way to have a roadmap that covers all projects.  I thought this was talking more about boards (which is how I found this thread in the first place.)

That's nice that you could map the same status in different projects to different columns, however, you can't tell which ones belong to which project in this view.  They all the same the same thing, and they don't show any project key or anything that tells you which one is which.

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I tried also your approach with a separate scrum board over all projects. Currently I'm facing up a problem with the subtasks. Normally if a task contains subtasks, it is shown a separate group in the board (if configured of course).

Did you have the same problem and a solution?

@Drew Angell I tried to follow your instructions but was unsuccessful. How did you "create a new Scrum Board based on this filter"

I was able to create a filter and then add it to my Quick filters section under Board Settings (classic project, Kanban template) but it returns nothing once back on my board.  (the filter itself returned the issues as expected whilst on the search screen)

The classic Scrum board does the same.

If I use any of the next gen projects, I can't even access the board settings. The only option I have is to add board rules. 

Are you able to give me any more information on how to "create a new Scrum Board based on this filter" please?

Thank you

It sounds like you're doing it correctly, but maybe you forgot to adjust the columns in the board settings..??

For example, when I go to Settings -> Columns, this is what I see:

All of my Next Gen projects were under "Unmapped Statuses" and I had to move them over to the correct column for every single project.

It's a bit annoying because I use the same structure for all my Next Gen projects (ie. Open, In Progress, QA, DevOps, Done) but I have to set that up in every Next Gen project separately.

Then, all of those separate statuses show up in here with the same name, but you can't tell which project they belong to.  So then I end up with a bunch of the same thing under each column, and I have no idea what's what.  

Every time I create a new next gen project, I have to remember to configure the workflow for that project, and then come back to my Big Board column settings and drag the statuses for that new project into the Board column it belongs to.

If you don't add the status from every project to your board columns, they won't show up on the board.

Thank you for your reply @Drew Angell 


I have added all the available statuses in the "add status" dropdown on the column management section of the settings screen

Here you can see the search function working as well as the statuses of those stories (which have been mapped to my columns)

But still, when looking at my board, the only tickets that are displaying are the test tickets I created inside the board

Do you see anything wrong with what I have done here?


Thank you

@Nikki Branca Somehow it seems that you're still inside a Next Gen project board.  

See on my board I don't have all the stuff you do in the sidebar menu:

@Drew Angell - I am inside a classic project. I just created a new classic project to double check and I still have all the extra stuff in the sidebar. Thank you for your help so far.

@Nikki Branca Classic projects don't have the new "roadmap" feature, though, unless it's been added there and I didn't know it..??

@Drew Angell - I looked at the screen shots I sent you and I don't see it. Or am I misunderstanding?

If it is there, it may have been added as a plugin by someone before I started working here, not sure. But I have just created a new project again, see step by step, see images. Please let me know if you can see anywhere that I have gone wrong or should add something.



Step 1: click on create project button under Projects in the sidebar

create project.PNG


Step 2: select project type - select classic

select classic project.PNGStep 3: Select template - selected Kanban

Step 4: Enter Project Name - Nikki Test Filter

select template and name.PNGProject is now created

Project is created.PNGStep 5: Select Board Settings - Columns. No statuses in unmapped

board settings.PNG

Step 6:  copy the all dev work filter (created as an example) which is already returning issues as expected

copy filter.PNG

Step 7: paste the filter into the board settings filter tab

paste filter.PNG

Step 8:  go back to board - board is still empty

empty board.PNG

Step 9: create a test story just to test board is working as expected otherwise, and it does

test story.PNG

This is a nice guide for combining projects into a Scrum or Kanban board, but be aware that issues which are assigned to an epic will not appear in this board, even if the filter query shows these issues. See this unresolved issue:

Hello, any update on this?

We're also desperately waiting for Atlassian team to implement these features into Jira:

Multiple projects into one board, and a Roadmap for multiple projects.



Next-Gen is useless without this feature.

A nice first step that should be minimal Dev effort from the Jira Team: Allow Roadmaps even if multiple Projects are included in the Board Filter, but only display Epics from the existing Project.

Currently, the Roadmap view does not display even if we are only attempting to use Epics from the current Project.

It's almost May, any update? We are about to start using tools outside of Jira to account for this and I don't want to keep switching tools.....

Are they adding better filters also? Being able to create the same types of filters in dashboards is an unblocker. 

Us too - which tools are you looking at? kind of dreading a full new feature analysis. Hard to find out all the missing stuff in each of the tools before migrating/using them

I wanted to use the Roadmapping tool so that we can get out of 3rd party software for it. 

On a quick look, there are just too many blockers moving into the NextGen projects at this point. 

Agree. Further, historic rate of development indicates it'll be many years until next-gen is usable for bigger/more complex teams.

Our horiffic hack has been to have ONE project and use "Epics" as Projects. You can see the issues here, but it's been the only solve for us. We then use tags to group things as Epics.

Has anyone heard of any updates on this feature being released? I have just tried to do this so I assume not yet...

Nope, still waiting.  What I wound up doing was:

* Create a Next Gen project called "Roadmap" or whatever you want to call it.

* This project is where I create Epics for the major goals we have that I need to schedule on the roadmap.

* From within this Epic, I create/link tickets in my other projects.  This allows me to pull up my bookmarked roadmap page, click into the epics and easily pull up the project ticket details and get to those.

* I am also using Atlas CRM, so my "Sale" there is linked to the Epic in the Roadmap project.

* I continue using Classic Board with Next Projects added to it.  This is working for the team to work from and for easy management of all current tasks across all projects.  The only pain about it is the Board Settings -> Columns.  

To my knowledge, NextGen still doesn't have a way to create a single workflow and use it across all projects like a template.  As such, you have to setup your board the way you want for every NextGen project you create.

Well, this creates a bunch of "cards" with the same label (but no project label" inside the classic Board column settings.  So you just have to always make sure to drag all of those into matching columns of your classic board and it will all work, but there's no way to tell which cards belong to which projects there (unless you name your columns with a label, but that's another kind of messy.)

Anyway, I'm making it work.  It's not ideal, but it works.

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Thanks for the info @Drew Angell , much appreciated. Will keep this in mind for future planning.

My immediate need was to create a shared view for two existing Next-Gen projects to simplify our combined stand-ups. I tried doing what you suggested earlier in the thread (create a Classic Kanban board, create a filter covering the two projects, apply this to the Kanban board and configure the column settings) however I ran into the same issue as @Nikki Branca whereby none of the issues show up on the board. I think it must be something to do with project permissions as on the column settings screen I can see the number of issues per column.

On march 2020 it was declared to be released I believe in the following few months.

Hi guys, I hope everyone is safe around here


is there any news on this please? i m using next-gen projects and i simply want to create a board with multiple projects.


Let us know please. Thanks

another critical feature not done within 18 months and counting...

This is not ideal, but for the time being I have created a separate project called Roadmap.  On this project I'm using the Roadmap to build out my Epics on the timeline so I can see everything together on a single Roadmap.  

From here I can bulk move the Epics into their individual projects when I'm ready to start building out Sprints.  

It helps, but it is frustrating I can't easily see a single Roadmap that includes all projects.

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