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Need to export all attachments from a single Project - JIRA Cloud

Is there any way I can export all Attachments from all tickets in a single project?  I have 706 tickets in a single project and need to export all attachments without going thru manually and doing so.  Is there any way to do this? 

Thank you!


4 answers

Hey Jacqy, 

did you manage to download all your attachments? If not there are also two Marketplace Solutions which should make this a breeze. 

If you use Jira Server have a look at Download Attachments. If you are on Jira Cloud check out Bulk Attachment Download.

Disclaimer: I am the developer of the cloud solution.

Hi Daniel,

I am trying to export all issues in 1 jira cloud project (with all attachments/images etc) and migrate them to another jira cloud project in a different instance. Can the Bulk attachment app attach all the image/files to each issue and upload them?



Darryl Lee Community Leader Oct 25, 2021

For bulk import with attachments you can use CSV but you'll have to upload your attachments to a website that is accessible by Cloud.  Details here:

You can use the Jira-Python library to do this.  The advantage here is that you could deliver your output in a way that suits you.  This example saves all of the attachments in subfolders by IssueKey under the Project name. 


Project Name

   -> IssueKey1

        -> Attachment 1

        -> Attachment 2

   -> IssueKey2

        -> Attachment 1

i'm using Jira cloud. i'm not a developer by the way, So where do i add this python scripts in my Jira cloud to get the attachments as shown by you?

Hi @Jacqy George ,

I used the following solution a while back to export all attachments from JIRA OnDemand, I think it still might work for JIRA Cloud.

How to export attachments from JIRA OnDemand



For Jira Cloud, can use this script written by one of the Atlassian Support Engineers to download the attachments from Filters.

The script above was awesome, however it dumped all attachments into the same folder. I made some changes to allow it to download attachments for each issue into a directory named after the key.

It's a little rough, because I got hung-up on shell quoting/escaping and ended up hardcoding my username:api_token into the curl command. If anybody has more l33t shell scripting skills, please please let me know the fix.

And if you don't include the time I banged my head against the table figuring out the right arguments for jq and xargs, it's way faster than Ilya's method of running a backup and extracting the files from it.

On the other hand, Ilya's technique would have come in handy that time a project was accidentally deleted along with all the attachments. :-O

Hi @Darryl Lee 


Thanks for providing the script.


Im attempting to use it. Im not familiar with scripts and was wondering if you're able to help me get it working. 


Have I got the correct values filled out?

Once I have the correct details do I just double click on it for it to run?

Where does it save the files in which directory?




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Thomas Deiler Community Leader Feb 02, 2018

Dear @Jacqy George,

two ways:

The rude one:

Go to the jira home's attachment directory and copy all files of the project. Disadvantage: you have not the original file names.

The api one:

Use the REST API search request to pull first all Jira issues of your project and then parse for each issue the attachment list. The JSON variable content keeps the URL to an attachment. Of cause the filename is also available. Then, one HTTP GET later for each attachment, you got them all.

So long


Thomas Deiler Community Leader Feb 06, 2018

Dear @Jacqy George,

how did you solve your issue? Do you need more help?

So long


Hi @Thomas Deiler

We will try option 2, API but haven't had a chance to try this out yet. 




The rude one:

Go to the jira home's attachment directory and copy all files of the project. Disadvantage: you have not the original file names.

If you're on Jira server, you can run this database command to get the to combine Unix command with the file name:

select ( 'mv ' || project.originalkey || '-' || jiraissue.issuenum || '/' || || ' "' || project.originalkey || '-' || jiraissue.issuenum || '/' || filename || '"' ) as command from fileattachment join jiraissue on fileattachment.issueid = join project on jiraissue.project = where project.pkey = '<project-key>'; 

Example results:

mv PROJ-10/10031 "PROJ-10/screenshot-1.png"
mv PROJ-23/10000 "PROJ-23/screenshot2.jpg"
mv PROJ-23/10002 "PROJ-23/image.png"

Then run the command in terminal to rename your files.

Like # people like this

Thank you very much for the information, you have helped me complete a process.

Where can I find the Jira Home Attachments directory?

JIRA Administration-->System-->System Info-->File Paths

In our case: /var/atlassian/aplication-data/jira/data/attachments/


@Ting (Chiou Ting Teh) You rocks!  Thank you very much. Your tip was very useful.

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