Migration of 2 server instance to DataCenter

Patricia González May 8, 2023


We have 2 server instances that we want to migrate to one Datacenter instance and i have a few doubts.

We plan to migrate one of them to Datacenter and make sure the functionalities and the customizations works correctly.

My doubts are with which strategy we should follow to migrate the other server instance to Datacenter. 

- It is possible to migrate the project from the server instance to the datacenter instance?

- Do we have to migrate that instance first to datacenter and "merging" after? (this would require another licence so we want to avoid if possible)

- The users in both instance are almost the same. Do we have to do something? Or just check the have the same username in both instances?



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Aron Gombas _Midori_
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May 8, 2023

If you used Server so far, then Data Center offers more features and "does more", but there is no feature removed.

Therefore, what I do:

  1. I would merge the two Server instances first.
    1. You can guarantee the same users in the two Servers maybe if you externalize user management, to LDAP for example. 
    2. But it can be an overkill if you have only a handful of user accounts...
  2. Then convert the resulted Server to Data Center. (It can be as simple as pasting a DC license key to a single-node Server deployment.)
Patricia González May 8, 2023

Hi Aron,

Thanks for your answer.

We want to do a PoC first with migrating to Data Center with one of the server instances since we have a lot of customizations and connections with other apps. So this solution is not an option. We will have the Data Center (with everything from the first server) and then we want to migrate everything from the other server instance.

With this approach, can we migrate the projects from server to data center?

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