Looking for Add-On or Solution for assignee's workload Edited

Here is the live-scenario:

Developer, Tom, is working on 3 projects that are staggered.

During each sprint planning, tasks are assigned to Tom. Each task has a story point associated with it.

I want a way to see how many story points are assigned to each developer per active sprint.


Project A: 10 Story Points

Project B: 12 Story Points

Project C: 6 Story Points


If there is a way to have a calendar view for each assignee, that would be even better.


On Tom's calendar, I can see that from Monday-Wednesday he has a total of 10 story points for Project A. Then, on Wednesday-Tuesday he has a total of 12 story points for Project B. Finally, on Monday-Friday he has 6 story points for Project C.

I located an addon called "SumUP", which is shows the total number of points in an active sprint as a 2 dimensional table.


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This sounds like a candidate for an Excel pivot table with:

  • Dimensions:
    • Assignee
    • Project
  • Metric: SUM(story_points)

If so, then the Better Excel can generate this for you.

Check out the jira-agile-report.xlsx template, as you can customize that to solve your case. See these agile report examples


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