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Label Colors in Issue

Hi There,

Is it possible to add different color, other than the default color, to a label in issue?



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Hello Vivek,

After some time digging about this feature, I find out that this functionality is not possible at this moment.

We had a feature request in the past asking for this functionality, however, our developers have decided to not implement it due to the small number of requests:

I would also love this feature...

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Atlassian is sleeping in the laurels. Azure DevOps has this functionality and more. I am thinking seriously to cancel my subscription. 

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Add color to labels.  I'm sure I speak for 100's of thousands of users.

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I would also like this feature. I've got about 30-40 stories stacked and all with light gray labels. Gimme some choice in this matter. I want color.

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kanban board.jpgIsn't this image from the website showing what is needed?

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Hi Kurt.


It is.  Atlassian - here's an example.



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Would NEED it too.

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Well yes, I found it too in atlassian website



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What is the link please?  I would like to add colors based on labels too.


Thank you

I also have to say, that my kanban board does not look at all like @ypajie s Screenshot.

Someone explain?

I'm currently using the free version for testing.

That looks like epic color, not label. Epic is displayed with color in the board.

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That does look like Epic (not Label).

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I would like to have this feature also

Was that any implementation? I am starting using Trello and I would need possibility to create new colored labels

Still waiting for this in May 2022

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Let's face it, it's never gonna happen.

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Is this similar to not being able to change a "status label" colour?   For example "escalated" in my status, can that be changed to "red"?

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Answer accepted

There seem to be multiple issues for this. Wonder which is the correct one... Better make sure you vote on all of them:

They have stated that they will not implement it. They have a very monolithic system and even with their Rest APIs you can guess that all they have is an old JSP server and there is no way they can implement much new functionality. Our best bet is to switch to another product and let Attlassian come with another product or buy another one.

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but they already have the "Next Gen" product, which also does not have this feature..


Our best bet is to switch to another product and let Attlassian come with another product or buy another one.


Probably right, but unfortunately often we have to work with what the customer uses so there is not always a choice in that matter.

I use Trello because they have this and Atlassian bought it. Their 'nextGen' it is probably just a new version of their monolithic system. They need a new product from scratch. Microservices and move away from JSP. I am using their products less and less just because of this. Microsoft will catch up with the acquisitions they are making an how they are integrating everything with Azure.

Atlassian needs to restructure or die.

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 Ok Atlassian -  Any update on getting color labels?  Should be a easy update I would think.  What's taking so long???


I had this request recently.

Crazy this feature is not implemented. Just wanted to throw this out here. We have started using colored emojis in the label itself, then in Board settings show labels on issue.

Only tested on KanBan boards.

The emoji needs to be the last character to show up in the label drop down though.

for example: "Test📌"

Otherwise it doesn't show, not even in the dashboard widget as a used label.

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Very nice workaround. Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing this cool workaround.

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Sorry, I'm new to Jira, how do you insert the emoji in the label? I tried to insert an emoji in the description then Cut and Paste it in the end where I create a label, but that didn't work.

Or can't you do it when you are editing an Task for eg?

I've had best luck in copying the single emoji from the site I linked above. The "copy" feature they give on the site doesn't work for me in Jira. So I find the emoji I want, highlight the one they have next to the name, copy that and paste at the end of a label. 

purple.pngHope that helps

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That worked for me as well, thanks a lot!

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The emojis does seem like the easiest solution. Another thing people can try (if you know CSS) is using a browser extension like Stylebot to add custom CSS, using a selector based on the tag's text. Of course each person viewing the board needs to do it themselves if they want it.

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Thanks! This was a great workaround!

We would like to have this feature.

Thank you so much guys, your input has been helpful. I have logged a request for feature.

You're welcome, Vivek. Hopefully there is more interest in this feature and it gets implemented one day. I think it's a good idea!

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Deleted user Apr 07, 2019


"however, our developers have decided to not implement it due to the small number of requests"

Seriously ?? Jira not having coloured labels by default on day 1  in mid-2020 ... 🤔

It is critical to many people that are working in different fields.

A reason I would stop using Jira if I can't find an easy solution in the coming days.

I selected Jira to be more productive, not to waste time on extra learning, baby-sitting the solution or change my ways of working. (wasted more than 30mn only for this 😡)

Ability to add more label colors is absolutely essential. I hope you've received enough feedback by now to make this a high priority. Thank you.

Yes we really need to assign colour to different labels like in Trello.  Is there an update on this feature?

upvoting the request, i would love to separate issues not only by epic colors, but also by label colors

Coloring of labels will make my life as a product manager easier. We need more flexible and visual ways to sort, label and prioritize our backlog.

we would also like to have this feature.

When are we having this feature ?

3 votes

Hi Vivek,

It doesn't seem that this is natively supported by JIRA, but you could vote for the request here:

Hope it helps,



A lot more people have expressed interest in this enhancement. Do we have enough now for this to be added to the list of things to do by the developers? It seems like a pretty popular enhancement.

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Deleted user Apr 28, 2020

Atlassian closed the JSWSERVER issue in Mar 2018 by rejecting it. How do we reopen the request?

I moved to Trello. Then Atlassian acquired it. I have one paid add-on for burn rate charts that belongs to Atlassian too. 

I think it is time to move on and reject Jira until they awake on their laurels. Azure DevOps has surpassed Jira a long time ago. Github purchase made it even better. 

Atlassian has lost interest in the on-premise software in favour of their cloud-based subscription. And even there they cannot add a simple functionality like this and you get this and more for free in Azure DevOps. 

I am only sticking to Trello because it has a nice desktop app. If Azure DevOps released an app then I'd move on to them very quickly.

This is an example of how a good company screwed it up with cockiness and prepotency towards customers and I hear towards employees as well. 

2 votes
Deleted user Apr 28, 2020

the new cloud issue is

Please vote there

I have not found an issue for server yet

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+1 - request for this functionality, please.

Jira Cloud, dragable color labels with color wheel sorely needed.

The tab in my browser shows this as "Solved: Label Colors in Issue".

How is it solved, please?

We would love to see this feature too because our team is hoping to use color label for stories so that each team will see clearly on which stories they should involve in backlog.

0 votes

I need this feature too. Like... urgently!

0 votes

+1 label colours, just do it.

+1 colors for labels

We moved on from Jira to Asana.  Asana is much easier to work with and has colors!

Any update here? How many votes does they need to start considering the development?

I found a decent alternative by creating custom Issue types in the new 'next gen' UI: At least you can pick the icon for the cards.

+1 label colors

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