Jira DC DRC - multiple shared homes

SEBtheSaviour April 4, 2023

Hey guys,
I think I need a better explanation about how the secondary.shared-home works

- I put in jira-config.properties a value: disaster.recovery=true

- I put in cluster.properties where the primary shared-home is mounted (pointed to the NFS)

- I put in cluster.properties the secondary shared-home location what's basically mounted over NFS

and now:

- the primary shared-home is used properly

 - the secondary shared home is synced to the primary so it's the same. It's syncing all of the time.

- as I understood the secondary shared home is located in the /jira-shared-home/secondary

- as I understood, the secondary shared home may be pointed directly to the VM B which is syncing constantly to the VM A. If that's correct?
- I cannot find a proper info if that's fine to put disaster.recovery=true along over nodes (?)
- In this scenario basically the DRC mechanism could be set in a bit different manner:
a) node A + B sharing the same (replicated) DB
b) node A uses shared-home A
c) node B uses shared-home B
d) shared-homes are fully synced to each other
with no need to put disaster.recovery=true value.

And all I would need is to cover the availability checks regarding to each node on LB?

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