Jira Automation: HTML cell borders don't appear in Outlook

Ashley Honeycutt April 15, 2024

I have a Jira Automation rule that emails certain custom field values in a table, using HTML.

When viewing the HTML in a viewer, the table cell borders display as expected. However when the automation runs, the email does not display correctly in Outlook, not showing the cell borders. I am using hex values for the colors. 

Any thoughts on why this would display differently in a viewer than in the email itself?



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Ashley Honeycutt April 25, 2024

Updating with a solution that worked for me in case it's useful for others:

Originally I had the border formatting details inside the <tr> tags in my table. This displayed the way I wanted in an HTML viewer, but not when the emails came through in Outlook.

I moved the border formatting into the <td> tags, which resolved the issue. Here's an example of what that ended up looking like: 

    <td style="border-collapse: collapse; border: 1px solid #000000;background:#BFBFBF"<b>What:</b></td>
    <td style="border-collapse: collapse; border: 1px solid #000000;">{{issue.description.html}}</td>

 Maybe not the cleanest solution, but at least it works now!

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Allie Stewart April 22, 2024

I wish I could help, but I have the same problem right now.  The bordercolor gets striped out when going through Outlook.  But if you run this through an HTML viewer, it's perfect as you already know.

<h2> Security Enhancements: </h2>
<table cellspacing="0" bordercolor="red" border="1" cellpadding="5" align:left;">
<th align= "left" style="width:15%;">Parent</th>
<th align= "left" style="width:10%;">IssueType</th>
<th align= "left" style="width:8%;">Key</th>
<th align= "left" style="width:30%;">Summary</th>
<th align= "left" style="width:5%;">Rank</th>
<th align= "left" style="width:15%;">Status</th>
<th align= "left" style="width:10%;">Assignee</th>
<th align= "left" style="width:12%;">Build Approach</th>
<th align= "left" style="width:7%;">Story Point Est.</th>
<th align= "left" style="width:7%;">Billable Hours</th>


The only thing I see is that we can change the color of the text that is output in the table.  But I can't find anything related to the BORDER COLOR.

Ashley Honeycutt April 25, 2024

Hi @Allie Stewart

I had the same issue before with the border color. Outlook apparently doesn't like the text name for the color. Once I updated it to use the hex code for the color I wanted, it came through the right way. 

I would try that and see if you get better results!

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