JQL get issues whose specific custom field has been updated between 2 dates


I tried to find a solution browsing on the Internet but it looks this is not easily feasible or I have poor reseach skills.


Is it possible to write a JQL query that returns all issues that have one given custom field that has been modified during a given time slot?

In addition of that, an issue whose custom field has been updated during the time slot and also after the time slot should appear in query result.



Romain K

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It's not supported by JQL for cusotm fields , it's supported only for built-in fields.

here's the open request - https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRASERVER-30663 

Thanks you Tarun,

This is not that bad,

I was working with the Python API to process some queries but I found this workaround on the open request that is acceptable using BIRT/Java.



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