JIRA - How do I change the 'full name'?

The 'full name' field is grayed out, and I can only change the email and username. How do I change the 'full name'?

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A workaround is to use the browser's developer tools. In Chrome:

  1. Open the user from User Management you want to edit.
  2. Click "Edit".
  3. Right click on the greyed input field next to "Full name" and choose "Inspect".
  4. Revise the name value in the HTML, e.g. "John Doe" to "Doe John", and click outside the editing field to force the browser display the name on the page.
  5. Click "Save" in the edit user modal.
  6. Voila, "John Doe" is hereby updated to "Doe John".

This worked perfectly! Thanks for taking the time to respond!

Thanks Jakob!! That's so user friendly I want to cry 😂

OMG, you made my day!

Three cheers for good security.  You should never allow updates to a field that isn't editable on the screen.  

i just wanted eat up some of Atlassian's database by leaving a comment here to formally convey my reaction to this: LMAO

Thank you,  Jakob! Atlassian - LOL!!!

Genius in its awesome simplicity.   THANK YOU

Has anyone else noticed that the name changes back to the previous name the next day?  That's happening for me.

The same goes at my JIRA instance Jason, dont know why.

Same here, this "solution" only works for 1 day

Doesn't work anymore now.  

that was awesome! Thanks Jakob

It works still, but just for 1 day,

Doesn't work anymore, I'm afraid. Atlassian has disabled the hack while also the admin's create user form has been revised over a number of iterations.

Well.. so I wanted to to and audit and change full name of couple of employees because in full name "login" was put.


Now i can;t do that as i would mean i have to delete their accounts and create new ones- this would destroy everything for that user

So why we can;t do that?

This seems to no longer work. Creating new users doesn't even ask me to provide a name anymore. wtf?

Now, you can not define a full name for user at all. It's been removed from the "create new user" flow, plus it's not possible to edit. 

Must be a bug. I cannot imagine this is intended. 

Sam Hall Community Champion Sep 01, 2017

https://your-instance.atlassian.net/admin/users might still allow full name to be set when creating:


Tha new Managed accounts are now under the domain name in the admin site. 

one you get the manage domain then there is the manage account that will allow you to change the username (Name) of the user

I think you mean this: https://confluence.atlassian.com/cloud/organization-administration-938859734.html.

But that only works in the rare case (I think) that all your users share a domain in their email-address that is within a domain you own (doesn't work with gmail accounts, or if you service a Jira instance for your customers, or if your customers like to use different domains because they like to use their own emailadresses).

It's quite odd that I cannot create new users anymore (like Sam Hall shows above) and that I cannot control the users I have created. Imo a limitation that wasn't necessary. It has nothing to do with security, in fact, it is kind to new users if you can create them with a good display name.

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This is what worked for me, since (as you might have noticed) Atlassian moved to a new IAM system. Let the user log in to https://id.atlassian.com/ 

Change the full name to your desire.


Then wait for eventual consistency. It took a few minutes for the update to percolate.


this works fine.

the browser / dailog Workaround doens't work

This worked for me too, thanks.

The problem with this approach is, however, the part where you say "let the user log on". That means you have to explain to each user how to do this, instead of being kind and doing it for them.

This worked for me, thank you for this! 

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Do this at your own peril...

Atlassian are enforcing this restriction only client-side.  Using your browsers developer tools, you can remove the disabled attribute from the input field.

You can now edit the Full Name and successfully save it.

This seemed to do it. I originally had my initials as Full Name in Atlassian account, and real full name in Cloud account. When they merged the accounts, they changed the initials to both accounts, which my cowrkers did not appreciate. So I tried to change the Full Name for the Atlassian account, which never (2-3 weeks) relayed to the Cloud side. This saved my day smile

They fixed this security issue... the hack doesn't work anymore.

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As administrator I REALLY need to be able to control the display name for new users.   Some of our users are external - we identify them by adding the client name to the back of the display name


WHY DID THIS CHANGE - it was perfectly fine the old way

this is very disappointing / not at all user friendly / obvious

I completely agree!!

We got the same problem. Some long time ago created accounts are in different naming convention, and i have no option to normialize that. I don't want to deletecreate new!!

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The User them self can update it in there profile settings --> Atlassian account. As an Admin you can do it with logging in as the user, but you might need to change their password.

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To change the full name, you need to be logged in as that user.  Once logged in:

1. Click on the user icon and select 'Profile'.



2. On the profile page, click 'Edit Profile'Step2.png

3. Next to the full name field, select the link for 'Manage in Atlassian Account.'Step3.png

On the next form you can edit the full name for the current user.  Enter the name, Save it, and it may take a few minutes for the change to propagate through the system.  A browser refresh may also help.

This works only for the actual user himself, an administrator, even when impersonating that account, is not able to do this.

As an administrator I can edit my own name following the above steps, but a user that is not an administrator cannot do this for their own profile and administrator with global permissions is not able to edit their name for them even when impersonating them.

Yes, that's correct. 

You can not change the full name of an account that does not belong to you.

Okay so I figured out the solution to this. When I had the user that misspelled their name login to their account and go to their profile, the hyperlink for the Atlassian account was not there like it was for me (as pictured).  So I had the user go to https://id.atlassian.com/login to login and go to "Account settings" and from there the user was able to edit their full name and save their changes. The user then logged out of Jira Cloud and logged back in and saw that the changes reflected in their Jira Profile. Hope this helps others!

Atlassian account link.png

heewon I'm New Here May 01, 2018


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Signing on as a user is not an acceptable response.   First of all I would consider this to be a huge security breach especially if I change data that the user technically should "own".   The sign on option is nice to check what the user is seeing versus what I might see as admin but I would never change data on what is effectively their view of life.   

Applications should have names that are for display only - i.e. stand independent from any other application security.   

Emails / sign on user ids can be totally separate entries that remain uneditable.  

Display names are exactly what they sound like - they appear on reports / screens only and they can be managed by the user OR by the application administrator

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Kindly follow the below link to change the full name:


Hopefully it helps.

that helped

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Assuming you mean user accounts, you should be able to rename a user in the user management section (which isn't really in JIRA technically)

unfortunately, still not possible.

Until now still cannot change. The "Full name" textbox just disabled and cannot edit.

Why make the update profile so hard for us?

Pls advise ASAP. Thanks.

Need to edit "Full Name" field

You can change it on the Atlassian Account management.

When viewing the profile on JIRA, there's this small text:

"Update these details through your Atlassian Account."

I cannot change the Full name in the admin section or logging in as the user...when I log in as the user, the system prompts me to change MY full name on my account.



Editing active users is only partly possible.

AFAIK you could set the user as inactive, log in as admin, edit the now inactive user from the JIRA Admin UserBrowser, change the Full Name, and re-activate the user. 

I tried what you proposed, but it didn't work: even when the user was deactivated, the "Full name" field was still disabled.

Same issue here.  Unable to do anything on the Administrator side, but the user is unable to edit it themselves in Atlassian Profile.  I'm wondering if this is a problem with Internet Explorer, which is unfortuantely the enforced browser in many organisations?  I can do it in Chrome.

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Great tip - worked a treat.

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None of the proposed solutions worked for me. 

@atlassian when are you going to fix this?

Sam Hall Community Champion Sep 01, 2017

I think the workaround / hack suggested by Jakob is out of date now (or at least doesn't work permanently).

Getting the user to change themselves (along the lines suggested by Joe Lehn) should work though, but I guess that is not what you are after.

For what it is worth, there is a suggestion on Atlassian's public issue tracker about this: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/ID-6415

Atlassian have responded on comments of that (for example on 11 Jul 2017). That's possibly the best one to watch/vote/comment to look out for updates.

Hopefully someone from Atlassian will come on here and comment.

Thanks,... #stillfrustratedbutnottheendoftheworld

I tried the Browser Tools method and my cloud instance seemed to silently ignore the changed input. I think Atl. must have fixed the server-side code since the field workaround was, in essence, a security leak.

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This should be fixed. I can't run after everyone who only enters the first name when signing in.

Atlassian, why do you change thinks that work? I don't get it.

- I can't delete rooms in Stride.
- The UI of Jira is far less intuitive than before and I have to explain everyone in our company where they can find their stuff
- And now I have to run after everyone if they don't enter their names correctly

This is annoying...

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This is so stupid. I can't even set the full name or username when inviting a user, nor can I edit them afterwards.

That's correct, the accounts do not belong to you, they belong to the user.

Wrong, its my corporate JIRA instance. They do belong to me. All your base are belong to us :)

Ok, it's not Cloud.  So you can edit them.  I guess you're just looking in the wrong place.

Nope, its cloud. But its my corporate domain in cloud.

Doesn't matter if it's cloud or not, if I am the admin of the licensed Jira I should be able to change any name to Peanut Butter Jelly and update their pictures to Mickey Mouse. The account does not belong to the user, it belongs to the company that paid for it and I am the administrator of it. The user only USES the account, the PC, the resources. He does not own them, he does not Pass GO, does not collect 200$.

No.  You are wrong.

As a user here in community, you are using your Atlassian account.  Now imagine that you are using a Cloud Jira for your work as well.

You're saying that you would be happy for me, as an admin here but without any access to your Jira, to change your name on your Jira to "Gabriel Does Not Understand This System Baciu"?

If you want to own the accounts, you will need to swap Cloud to using accounts that you own and provide.  This will separate them from other Atlassian systems, and you'll need to provision them yourself, with g-suite or your own SAML solution.

What you said actually makes sense, and now I understand. They own their account and the company owns the platform, which can be one of many they use on their account.

Turns out though, that if the user account is made through a managed domain, that Full Name CAN be changed by the admin :)

Thanks! :)

That does make some sense.

Still, what does not make sense is that when I am inviting the user to my cloud-based JIRA, and that user does not have an existing Atlassian cloud account, Atlassian cloud does not allow me to set the proper full name. Nor does it do what would make sense, which is wait for the user to confirm they want the account and set up their profile, including their full name, during the sign-up process.

Rather, it creates the user right away (which means company admins can create Atlassian accounts for all sorts of people, which seems like a security issue, or at the very least something that can cause significant confusion), and assigns them a full name which is simply nonsense e.g. full name "Bob Bob" for user "Bob Smith". Said company admin then has to tell each user to go and edit their own profile manually -- and most users couldn't care less about this so they just leave it.

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