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I have figured out we need JETI for our last problem: non-jira-users have to be able to email and we want to keep the emailadress because we want to send some notifications to it (issue created, issue resolved/closed, issue commented)

BUT: I have read a lot about JETI, also here on Atlassian Answers and I am lost. I don't understand where to start, I get dizzy when I see an email-template because I don't see how it looks like in an email and if this is so awesome, why do I need extra JIRA Notification Schemes etc etc etc?

I just want to email my non-jira-users a little automated notification (doesn't even need to have extra text) when something happens to their issue...

Thank you.

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I'm not entirely sure what you're really trying to do here. I found JETI confusing myself.

I'll just give you a brief run-down on what I think you're trying to do, and hopefully that will help.

JETI is managed via the Add-Ons tab. On the menu on the left, you'll see a section for "Jira Email This Issue", click on "Configuration". Create a simple template based off a built-in one, you can use the Test option to see what the email will look like - give a genuine issue key and it'll generate an email based on that issue and send it to you.

Then click Notifications, and create a new template. This is the equivalent of the Jira Notifications Scheme. In my projects I have the Notification Schemes disabled and just use JETI, I'm not sure how it would handle if you had both a Jira Notification Scheme and a JETI Notification Template set up at the same time on the same project.

Click on Events and add the events you're interested in. Here is where you can choose the recipients. In the first box you can type in Jira usernames or arbitrary external email addresses. In the second box you can choose 'computed' values, like the assignee, watchers, project roles or user names / email addresses stored in custom fields. The CC fields are similar. You can skip the Content section and just leave it blank - this is a way to further customise the Template you created earlier, if that template has the $mailSubject and $mailBody tags in it. Then save your new event.

Then in Contexts, add a new one for your project and associate it with the Notification Template.

Hopefully this will get you on the right track for what you're trying to achieve.

Thank you. It's helpful to know that you have to do in a certain order ;-)

But I'm especially interested in e-mailing the people who aren't jira-users messages when recieved, commented and closed. Does anybody maybe have some examples / screenshots?

What do you mean by "when received"?

For commented and closed, create appropriate templates, add appropriate events to a notification template and add the email address.

See 3 attached images and follow my previous answer for the outline.

Hi Vera,
I think you need to have JEMH in order to do what you want.
Neither JETI or NAFJ can automatically store an external email address if I understand it correctly.

If I do that, I have to add every other employee of the company and that will add like 50-100 extra e-mailaddresses..........

I'm really not understanding what you're trying to do, Vera, please explain it in more detail. Just explain your full use case from start to finish, eg person X creates an issue, person Y does Z to the issue, you want an email sent when action Z to external user W, etc.

You can create a custom field in Jira and that can store the external users email address, then you can use JETI to send an email to the content of that field - the next field down in my 3rd picture, where it has "watchers" and "Developer", developer is a custom field that stores a username. Then you wouldn't need to enter each email address individually in JETI.

Ok, I'll try to be as clear as I can. I am using JETI because it said that you can email external users. And IMHO external users are people who are no jira-users, so they can't login (we use LDAP) and those people have the same emailaddress as the users who do have a jira-account.

So. external user A emails a problem. JIRA (JETI) sees it is not a jira-user and creates an issue. JIRA emails back a notification that an issue has been created. When someone comments on an issue, I want JIRA to email that comment to user A. Ad when the issue is resolved or closed, I want JIRA to email it too.

For internal users (people who can login and are jira-users) this is happening automatically. For external users this is not the case. I have read JETI can make that happen.

I understand that you indeed need a field where JIRA stores the emailaddress, so that address can be used to email comments / closed etc.

I don't understand where to put that or how to use it for the notifications.
The emailaddress has to be filled in by the user?
Or how do I get JIRA to store it?
How does that work?
Greg, how did you fill that Developers-group(?) What users are in there?

Right, that makes a lot more sense.

I have never used the "email to create an issue" feature because all of my users are internal. So I can't give you an exact description of how to do what you're wanting, because I've never had to do it myself.

In my case, the Developer field is a User Picker custom field, and contains the username of an internal user which is filled in when the issue transitions through the work flow.

So I think what you'll want to do is have a custom field called "External user" which is a simple text field, and this field should be populated with the email address of the user that sent the email. As I've never dealt with emails-create-issues, I don't know how you would get the sender's email address into this field, but I imagine it should be possible as this seems like a fairly important piece of information that anyone using the emails-create-issues functionality would want to have, precisely so you could then send emails to this person and track who it was that originally created the issue etc.

Once you've got this field with the email address in it, in the second box in my screenshot where I have Developer, you would put in this "External user" field, JETI will (I presume, not having done this myself) see the email address and send an email to that user.

Sorry I can't complete the puzzle for you, but that missing step should be possible.

Thanks, it works! Adding Emailddress and tried it on some other settings in JETI did the trick.

I now have a different problem though, but I'll make a new Question for it to keep things clear.

OK, I understand that was not a good uestin to start with.

I'm beginning to understand how it works, I think it's important to follow the line from top to bottom.

But what I cann't find is where to e-mail the non jira-users. And that's the main reason we (want to) use JETI.

Can someone help with that?

Non jira-users must receive a notification when they e-mail (am testing it with my Gmail-account) and Jira turns it into an issue. And I also think that has to be the case when there are comments and when it's resolved / closed.

Right now, with the settings, I recieve a notification on my jira-account emailadres, and it uses the notification scheme. But as I said, I don't see where to configure the non jira-users....

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