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Issues with Done status still listed as Open issue


Novice JIRA user here. I have a Business Project with dozens of individual Issues setup as Tasks and Sub-Tasks.

I'm using the Status option 'Done' to indicate when we're finished with a Task.  I thought that was a default option in the workflow and not one I created. Screenshot of workflow in use:



My question is why do those issues marked as Done still appear in the 'Open issues' filter?  This screenshot shows the issue with a Status of Done and the Open issues list visible. 

The issue also does appear in the 'Done issues' filter, which I expect.  Showing it in the Open issues list leads to confusion and is annoying.

Thank you!

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Olga Videc Community Leader Nov 29, 2018

Hello Jason, 

Try this, press the transition(line) going from All -> Done go to post function -> add a post function,  near the bottom or last you'll find Update Issue Field click that, on issue field drop-down menu choose Resolution and on Field Value: choose Done.

This post function should set your resolution to Done :D 

Thank you for the explanation. After a few minutes of pounding on the mouse, I was able to edit the transition and assign it to the Resolution of Done.

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Finally! After an hour or so of finding long and confusing answers, I finally found someone who went straight to the point and helped me fix this issue. Thank you @Olga Videc 

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Olga Videc Community Leader Jun 18, 2019

Hello @Francisco Fernandez

Glad I could help,  had the same problem when I was starting with workflows I know the pain :D

BR, Olga

hi @Olga Videc , How would I set the workflow so I could choose between 'resolution = done' and 'resolution = unresolved'? 

following the steps provided above would mean even issue is resolved, when in reality some issues may not be resolved. 

Would I have to create an 'unresolved' status to add to the workflow? so leaving out post function steps above?

Olga Videc Community Leader Sep 03, 2019

Hello @Robert Burns 

You want a resolved status but the issue resolution is unresolved?

If create a new status Closed or Can't fix and add it to the end of the workflow and don't add the post function for editing issue resolution.

When you transition issue at the end you could choose between the status Resolved/Done and Closed both would be green but one would set issue resolution one wouldn't.

If you need I can post a screenshot what I mean 

BR, Olga

Dear @Olga Videc ,
With your clear post on Resolution, At-last i tried something to solve this problem of not showing DONE status issues in Open issues.. Thanks for that making clear.

But to my bad, even though i followed the same instructions i am still seeing the DONE issues in my Open issues. 

Not sure, where did i mistake ? :(

Olga Videc Community Leader Sep 10, 2019

Hello @Niranjan 

Where are you searching for those issues? Trough issue search or do you use some queue?

Also is the resolution on those issues set? The status can be DONE but if the post function has not set the resolution to resolved the issues will be shown as open aka unresolved.

Can you post a picture of your problem, blur all sensitive information.

BR, Olga

Hello @Olga Videc 
Thanks for your quick response, Yes i am searching through Issue Search with filters.

And yes, resolution of that issue is Set. Below is the relevant screenshots. 

Looking forward to hear from you !
Search unresolved.pngResolution.png

sorry for the late reply @Olga Videc ,  if i add transitions from statuses before "resolved" straight to "closed" would that still give the the status "closed" resolution "unresolved"

custom workflow.pngthis is a custom workflow based on the service request 

hi @Niranjan  i believe the new post function will only work on new tickets. 

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Hello @Robert Burns ,  " NEW TICKETS " sorry i didnt got you. Can you made it clear as i am spending my time since morning ! :(

Olga Videc Community Leader Sep 10, 2019

Hello @Niranjan

First, @Robert Burns is right post-function you added will only apply to new issues.

Okay, now I fully understand the problem.

What you need to do is bulk edit the issues, but you need to edit the workflow first.

1. Add a new transition from CLOSED to CLOSED and name it Done Fix on this transition add a postfunction that sets the issue resolution to DONE

2.  publish the workflow, you can save a copy 

3. Go to issue navigator find all issues that are in status CLOSED and resolution is Unresolved

4. In the top right corner, you will see Tools click on that bulk change

5. Select all issues

6. Choose transition issues -> choose Done fix

7. Choose not to send an email for this change if it offers


After you do this bulk edit you can remove Done Fix transition from workflow, that transition was necessary for fixing the error via bulk edit, future/new issues won't have this problem since you set the resolution before close

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Olga Videc Community Leader Sep 10, 2019

Hello @Robert Burns 

If you add a transition from In progress to Closed and you don't add the post-function for resolution on transition the resolution will be Unresolved.

Resolutions are set with post functions on transitions

Note: This bothered me when I started with workflows :D

Transitions are the lines that connect the Statuses(Boxes)  

BR, Olga

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Hello @Olga Videc ,

Superb, at-last I've cracked that on my 2nd day with your help ! The way you have demonstrated with steps to follow is pretty clear and helpful.

Thanks again ! :)

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Olga Videc Community Leader Sep 11, 2019

Hello @Niranjan

Np, glad i could help :D

BR, Olga

Thanks so much, @Olga Videc God Bless you!! 

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This solution worked for me! Thank you!

Thanks @Olga Videc you are the best !!!!!!!!!! :)

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I don't think your workflow is asking the user for a resolution, or setting one automatically.  Jira uses an empty resolution to say "issue is open", it doesn't work off status.  (Beware of "Jira Software", which uses that as well as "being in the right-hand column")

Hi i am using Next Gen project 


and resolution is not appearing as a field. How can i mark Done and Resolution resolved via Workflow,

Urgent help is required

Ok, Next-gen handles it for you (and now lets you change the "rightmost column" rule a bit, although it's pretty pointless).  Go to the board and look at the column headers.  One of them will have a tick next to the name (by default, it will the be the last column on the board)

Issues in that column will have their resolution set without you needing to do anything in workflow.

Thanks for prompt reply. But i am still clueless. Let me attach snap shots so you can guide me through.

1- When i mark all tasks and stories as Done . and Complete sprint it gives me this  message that 22 open IssuesBacklog.PNG


I tried to go on edit workflow and in transition try to add rule that mark resolution of DONE status as resolved

But i have next gen project and no such field is appearing.

As per your solution i went on filter->All issues and try to add column Resolution its appearing as showing value as done. How i can make this field appear on story and tasks so i can mark it as resolved. 

Column on the board, not search results.

Thanks Nic. 

But on my board here are the columns. last is Closed but i dont want to close the Story n tasks. should i reorder the columnsboard.PNG

Fora shot of the board to be useful, we probably need to see all of the column headers.

But yes, I would move the done column to be the last column on the board and retry.

Thanks. Yeah I did the same and now sprint has been completed. Thanks. 



But another issue arises now in backlog new sprint 2 is appearing but the previous sprint is not visible. Can u guide... 

Backlogs will not show closed sprints.  You've finished with them, there's no more to be done with them.

But in. My second project managed by different manager.. It's still appearing. 


I. Wonder how... Is any way that they still appears...? 

I'd guess that second project is configured differently, it's using different criteria for backlogs and done.

Great so it means it can be configured with project settings and from some where. 



Can u guide me how I should configure to allow other past sprints also. Starts appearing on backlog. 

Here is the backlog view for other project in same accountboth Sprints.PNG

You'll need to reconfigure that project to match what you want.  I can't tell you what to do here, I don't know what you're aiming for or what you have set up.

When I started managing this both project were already set up and configured by two different people. 


Now I am monitoring these so that's why I need to fix it and achieve desired results with already configured projects. 



Any way Thanks for ur help so far. 

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